Eddyine Nighthawk Customizations

I would love to hear from any Eddlyline nighthawk owners about any customizations, good gear tips, etc. specifically for this boat.

I have outfitted my cockpit with foam hip pads and agressively hooked thigh braces. I also added bungie-style toggle keepers. I would be happy to share pictures if anyone wants them.

What have you all done to yours? Any seat-back modifications?


Left as is
Eddyline replaced my foot pegs with their new adjustable version at no cost after the right foot peddle kept popping off.

Back to your posted question; I inserted small hip pads in a feeble attempt to assist with my hip snap. Removed same after the first paddle with them. Found that they only caused pressure on the hips thus a pain. Replaced the aft bungie after I snapped it trying to use it as a handle. Other then that, am very pleased with the kayak as is. Mark

Falcon S18

I’ve had a Nighthawk for one year …I bought one last Sept 2004. I’ve added some knee pads to help practice my rolling…which I’ve yet to get the hang of…but at least I’m trying.

Also I added some bungee cord to criss cross the front hatch,which makes it easier to slide my paddle under. For the rear hatch I ran a loop around the perimiter of the hatch as I thought it might aide in securing the hatch in rough conditions. I must admit though that neither hatch has ever come off with or without the added cords.

I’ve had good luck taking it out for a 3 day camping trip…no trouble loading the tent or sleeping bag which were the largest items. I packed the poles separately and slid them beside the skeg box. On the other side of the box I put my fuell and stove which kept them from moving around.

I’ve had good luck taking the boat out in rough conditions…practicing my braces and what not in the surf and have taken a pretty good thumping from time to time to no ill effect. I have noticed that when I’m in some chop and I want to do some sight seeing that I’m busy bracing and staying up right. More than once when someone asked did you see this or see those other kayakers pass by or those seals over there…I have had to say “no I missed it all together.”

I had good luck going through some caves and arches etc…but going to or from them the boat seemed a bit squirrelly (is that a real word?)

Advertized as a “sports car” of a boat I wonder if I might want more of a touring “sedan”. Kind of like the difference between a bicycle with skinny tires or a one with fat tires for off roading.

Any thoughts out there? I have had good luck seeing whales and what not but find it difficult to see things as they start to pass behind me or off to one side with out turning the boat in that direction. For example I have had good luck seeing moose when on inland water, they are so slow moving…but an overhead eagle would find me bracing to stay upright.

Interesting observations
I suggest that some of the sight seeing issues could be related to balance. Especially the overhead eagle situation. It is easy to have a feel of losing balance when you lose sight of the horizon. Things behind me I have a problem seeing, but that is related to the lack of flexibility in my neck not my NH. I have really enjoyed this boat in rough water with my only complaint being it makes it too smooth and perhaps takes some of the fun out of it. I guess I need to get into rougher water to get the same thrill. I have not camped in it yet but I do plan on hitting The Champlain Paddlers Trail next summer. The seat is good and fit my big behind just right. It is not a sprts car but perhaps an SUV. It is a big comfortable boat that does go fast enough, I’ve been able to cruise at 5 mph and sprint up to 7.8. So it is fast enough for me especailly since my last name is not Chalupsky.

back in 'the day’
before I started working for Confluence, I used to paddle alot of Eddylines, including the Nighthawk. In fact I believe a review of the boat is on their website.

Anyway I changed the backrest out for a backstrap, I built some aggressive knee/thigh hooks (mini-cell) and put a whitewater boat bulkhead in place of the footbraces. I think I added a few deck lines and bungies, as well.

I used the boat for some coastal cruising and wind play in the gorge and found it quite nice.

I had a Modulus model.


Very Little
I am convinced that my ability to roll this boat is more about the paddler than the boat. I do find the little NRS dry bag that I clip to the back of the seat very handy.


would really like to see pix of your kayak. Just bought Night Hawk 16 & having a great time with it on Long Island sound & bays around here, but would be interested in what other people are doing with their boats email


Alternatives to your Nighthawk
Eddyline also makes the Merlin XT a 15’ boat which is one foot shorter than the NH16 and one inch wider abeam so it would be more stable. OR there is the Phoenix, which is more of a stationwagon. It is 17’ long and a half inch wider abeam than the NH16. They are also offering a new boat in October called the Equinox. It’s a 14’ boat with a chined hull so it is way stable but two feet shorter and so harder to do long trips in as the storage area is reduced. But if you can go on a weeklong backpacking trip in a forty pound pack it would also be possible to paddle for a few days with smaller lighter gear.

Pictures of modifications

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Took pictures this morning, and posted them on my website. Go to:


It might take a while to load, but should be worth it. Good quality picutes and good detail.


Posted Pictures
I posted my modification pictures on my website



Nice work on your boat !

It was my first time . . .
Thanks Spidersplash! This was my first time, and I feel I did a good job. Just give me some intstuctions and get out of the way!


Only a couple mods to mm NH 16
Added a grab line just aft of the forward hatch to aid in lifting the boat up to the roof rack and added 1/4 minicell between the existing hip pads and the seat to snug up the fit. Otherwise, the boat fits like a glove. For playing in the Tahoe rock gardens, I use my Merlin LT as it is more manuverable being only 13’long.

thigh braces
What did you use to cut and shape the minicell foam so nicely on the thigh braces?

Tools for shaping minicell
I used a bread knife, a pocket knife, a skinning knife, a surform tool, and dragonskin (dragonskin purchased from kayakfit.com.) I Finished it with sandpaper and it has a suedelike finish.

Oh yeah, I replaced the deck lines
with some slightly larger diameter line. Stronger and less prone to stretching. The diameter is the same as the bungie lines.