eddyline boats and winter

I paddle a NH 17.5 and I am very happy with it. My question is winter storage. Typically the water is a bit hard here in NE VT from December till April so I have been storing in suspended from my basement ceiling. This year I’d rather not go through the hassle. Could I get away with leaving outside in sub zero temps for the winter?


when the lake
is a solid block of ice

I leave mine out in the garage, suspended from the roof of the garage, in temperatures the same as on the street, and it hasn’t hurt it yet

But, personally, I wouldn’t leave mine out in the elements, exposed. Just love my boat too much for that.

Think about it.
Power boats often sit out in the winter and suffer no damage. As long as the boat is dry inside, you use a cockpit cover, and protect it from direct sunlight there should be no problem.

The dealer I almost bought from
told me when it gets sub-freezing temps they get brittle and you need to be more careful with them. For what its worth.

Duct Tape The Skeg Box
or water gets in, freezes and the box cracks.


True, most plastics get brittle…
…as the temp decreases, but that’s only an issue if it receives an impact of some sort. It’s not a permanent change, it’s purely temperature-dependent. If the boat is just being stored it doesn’t matter as long as it’s protected from something heavy falling on it.

Good stuff
I think I found a friends barn that it will fit in just fine. It is not a working bard but rather a gentlemans barn so it will be safe. Sing- noce tip on the skeg never would have thought of that one. Still a few weeks of good paddling left though.