Eddyline bulkhead came out

The bow’s plastic bulkhead of my Eddyline Nighthawk 16 came out during my husband’s fishing trip. What kind of adhesive should I use to put it back in? Thanks!

Call Tom at Eddyline and ask him. He
is very helpful in these sort of matters. Bill

3M 5200

Leaks: Recommended Sealants

3M 5200 Fast Cure or any other marine grade polyurethane sealant. Silicone may be used, however, once you use silicone in an area, nothing else will stick to it in the future. This may cause problems if you need to do further repairs.


Call Eddyline
The folks at Eddyline are very helpful. Give 'em a call.

check the website
Click on “Another part just fell off my boat”


ask them about Gflex resins
From West System.

As always, lots of good info. I should have gone to the Eddyline site first to look for the answer but apparently I had a brain fart :). D’oh!