EddyLine Caribbean vs Hurricane Skimmer

Looking to go lighter on a 14’ SOT and liking what I see on both of these kayaks. I paddled the Caribbean today and it’s a fine kayak with good speed and glide. I don’t like the front hatch design, but it’s doable.

I can’t find a Hurricane Skimmer 14’ to test paddle and so I would like to hear from users. I prefer the deck layout of the Skimmer, but that’s not a deciding factor. I would like to hear comments on build quality of the Skimmer too. Thanks in advance.

Interested bystander
I’m interested in the Eddyline Caribbean 14. What was it about the front hatch that you didn’t like? The Hurricane Skimmer looks good, but finding a dealer is harder than the Eddyline.

I have a friend who sells both…
He says the Eddyline is the better paddling boat. What bugs me is the keel. Sure would hang up scooting over logs or shallow waters. Personally, I’ve paddled neither of them.


front hatch on the Caribbean is different as I’m used to a snap on rubber style hatch cover, but I’m sure the style on the EddyLine is tried and true. The kayak is a very good paddler for certain.

Hoping to hear from those who have paddled the Skimmer too.

What are your thoughts on inside hull storage? I do multi-day kayak trips and need to carry camping gear.

Paddling a Hurricane Skimmer 140 for the past season. Limited inventory and no opportunities to test paddle other kayaks, purchased the Skimmer 140 at the recommendation of a number of industry professionals.

The Hurricane Skimmer is a hard chined kayak, with a 14” oval rubber gasketed forward hatch/storage compartment, two 6 inch diameter “day hatches” one at the base of the seat and the other at the rear bulkhead. The rear deck presents a large open well with scupper and bungee for securing gear or placement of your dog.

The Skimmer has excellent glide and handling. Paddling with others in 14-16ft sea kayaks were in awe that I was able to keep pace with them on a SOT with my weight at 275lbs,

The Skimmer 140 has a moderate beam of 30in yet is stable for a guy 6’5” and 275lbs. I wouldn’t attempt to stand and fish, but it makes a fine touring kayak for anyone looking for an alternative to a sit-in kayak.

The Skimmer line offers traditional seating, frame seats aren’t available in the Skimmer series as of 2020. Not sure Id want a frame seat, as it raises your paddling position and center of gravity. I personally enjoy sitting close to the water.

The Skimmer hull has a fair amount of forward rocker,!and glides smoothly over waves, the cockpit supper is located at the base fonghs

The Skimmer 140 weighs a modest 52lbs and is easily handled by myself. Rigid grab handles bow and stern and two amidships make transport easy and comfortable. Good quality rigging and a comfortable seat are standard. The water bottle holder on centerline near your knees with bungee is a great accessory. The “paddle keeper” is simple and highly functional for holding your paddle when launching or retrieving, or just taking a break.

The Hurricane Skimmer may not be as well known as the Eddyline Caribbean, but do yourself a favor and test paddle both before purchase (if possible). Nothing but pleased with the Hurricane Skimmer for its on-water handing, amenities and curbside handling.

Paddling performance, size and comfort are qualities that the Skimmer offers, and are worth while checking out before purchase of any sit on top of comparable size.

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