EddyLine Caribbean vs Hurricane Skimmer

Looking to go lighter on a 14’ SOT and liking what I see on both of these kayaks. I paddled the Caribbean today and it’s a fine kayak with good speed and glide. I don’t like the front hatch design, but it’s doable.

I can’t find a Hurricane Skimmer 14’ to test paddle and so I would like to hear from users. I prefer the deck layout of the Skimmer, but that’s not a deciding factor. I would like to hear comments on build quality of the Skimmer too. Thanks in advance.

Interested bystander
I’m interested in the Eddyline Caribbean 14. What was it about the front hatch that you didn’t like? The Hurricane Skimmer looks good, but finding a dealer is harder than the Eddyline.

I have a friend who sells both…
He says the Eddyline is the better paddling boat. What bugs me is the keel. Sure would hang up scooting over logs or shallow waters. Personally, I’ve paddled neither of them.


front hatch on the Caribbean is different as I’m used to a snap on rubber style hatch cover, but I’m sure the style on the EddyLine is tried and true. The kayak is a very good paddler for certain.

Hoping to hear from those who have paddled the Skimmer too.

What are your thoughts on inside hull storage? I do multi-day kayak trips and need to carry camping gear.