Eddyline cockpit size

Does anyone know what year Eddyline changed the size of the cockpit on the Merlin XT from 31.5"x17" to 35"x19"? I’m looking for the older models and it would help to know what year they made the change. Thanks!

Don’t know for sure…
…but I think it was around 2001.

I got mine 2tys. ago…
and I believe it was one of the first with the large cockpit.


You say Merlin XT, I say Merlin LT
Might there be a mix up between the two kayaks; XT vs LT? Just a thought. R/ Mark

Falcon (Yellow over White)

Sorry,I was wrong…
I checked the serial # on my

XT and it is a 2002.It was still one of the first in our area with the 35" cockpit.


must be 2001

no mistake
the XT entered this world with a smaller cockpit than the one it has today