eddyline equinox question

Is the Equinox too light for backbay chop and wind? Will it get blown around too much in those conditions? There’s no skeg, no rudder.

Second question – is this a good, stable platform for photography?

This kayak is billed as sort of an entry level sea kayak. It tracks fairly well and has decent secondary stability. Mild conditions shouldn’t be a problem depending, of course, on paddler skill. The same goes for photography. I only have an hour or so in the Equinox so this is all I can really comment on. What kind of photos? is you equipment waterproof? Not much room on the deck for fiddling around with stuff. Try to get a demo and then you will have more to go on.


the wife
has an Equinox, it has excellent primary and secoundary stability.

I would think it would be a good platform for photography and should handle the bay chop just fine.