Eddyline Equinox vs CD Whistler

So I’m looking to get back into paddling here in SE Virginia. There are two used boats I’m looking at, Equinox and Whistler. Both are around 5 yrs old and look to be in good shape.

The Eddyline is a couple hundred more than the CD, but is also 15 pounds lighter from what I can tell… I’ve always admired Eddyline when I paddling before, they seem like top-notch quality.

Thoughts on the two? I’m 5’9", currently around 200# for reference and both boats are 14’. Mostly looking to do flatish water initially, but like the option of more.



I have paddled an Equinox for a decade or so. Like all Eddyline boats it is very high quality construction and I think the thermoforming construction is ideal. It is a very stable ride which is designed to not need a rudder or skeg. At 14’ it will function as either a rec boat or a touring boat. It has sufficient storage for a week long paddle in the Everglades and is comfortable in 4’ waves on the Great Lakes. It has a little bigger cockpit than many sea kayaks which makes it easy to get in and out but is small enough to fit a sprayskirt. Personally I outgrew it after a couple years - although I still use it on rivers, winter paddles, and as a loaner. The only two issues I have with the boat is that it is not fast and it has so little rocker that it goes a little too straight and can be a challenge to turn. If you do not want to race or paddle down twisty narrow rivers these are not major concerns.


Eddyline’s cockpit outfitting is

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outstanding and the sliding seat makes it easy to adjust trim - as well as your own comfort in the cockpit. The Sea-Dog foot braces are solid and easily adjustable. The quality of the boat is top-notch.

You can swap the existing seat pad for their newer Infinity seat pad, which has elongated padded thigh supports. I changed to the Infinity seat pad in my Samba and find the thigh support a big plus, especially after a few hours of paddling.

The Carbonlite 2000 material is tough and always looks good. I wouldn't hesitate choosing the Eddyline over the RM.

Hopefully you'll have a chance to paddle both so you can make an informed decision.

I’ve owned one for about 6 years and just love it. I have had everybody in my family paddle it with confidence. From teen age girls to my 60+ brother in law. Everybody is comfortable taking it out on Narraganset Bay.

I use it mostly on the Hudson River and very large reservoirs. Fish, photograph and bird watch from it.

So - I cannot speak for the Eddyline if it come to dollars and cents I would not hesitate purchasing the Whistler. It is a very well made and outfitted boat. Read the reviews on this site and with any luck take both for test rides.