Eddyline Equinox

Has anyone paddle this kayak?

I will at work tommorow
I will at work tommorow, we just got a couple In. Seems like a pretty nice day tripping boat.

paddled it
decent paddling boat, pretty comfy seat, not the best in my opinion, not the worst. good intital stability, decently fast for size/beam. overall a pretty nice boat.

Yup, it’s a peach…
I’ve been out in a test fleet Equinox a few times. Mostly on flatwater so far but I’ve found it pretty solid. It feels a lot like the Skylark but faster and more solid in the water when the wind and waves kick up a bit. The chined hull makes the initial stability noticeably high. If you are familiar with the Eddyline line it fits in between the two Merlin designs for length, cockpit size and beam width. If a paddler has tried those boats and is in the middle in terms of fit and what they want from the boat in terms of size and storage I’d definitely recommend the Equinox. Same goes for someone who is new to sea kayaking or is upgrading from a smaller rec or crossover boat to something a bit more advanced. Good stuff!