eddyline equinox

im 6’4" 245 lb size 13 uk feet. looking for stable well made touring kayak and love the equinox, will this kayak be suitable for my height and weight .

not been in kayak for 29yrs

on if you like the way it feels on the water. Many kayaks list a high weight capacity, but really perform best at a substantially lower paddler weight. At your size in a 14’ boat, I’m very suspect. You would be much happier in their Night Hawk or Raven as both have much longer water lines and are more narrow. It’s a definite paddle before you buy in my view.

Low bow on Eddlylines
The newer Eddyline designs have great handling characteristics and stability, but the are quite low in the bow. I’m almost a foot shorter than you with much smaller feet, and I’ve always wondered how anyone with bigger feet would fit in the Eddyline Journey as my feet fit fine but with no much space to spare.

Call Eddyline and ask them this question directly.

Part of the answer depends on how your weight is distributed above or below the waist.

The Raven is rated as medium stability. I learned the hard way to believe Eddyline when they say a kayak has anything less than high stability. Also note that the Raven cockpit is only 16.5" x 31.5", which I suspect is too small for you. The Equinox or Journey cockpit would be a better fit. Comparing those two, the Journey is quite a bit faster, and I believe some reviews have noted slow turning for the Equinox? I would not say the Journey turns on a dime, but it does a decent lean turn. So take a look at the Journey if you can find one and compare it to the Quinox.