Eddyline Falcon 16' vs. Nighthawk 16'

Looking for info on both of these boats from someone who has paddled them both. I currently have an Eddyline Merlin and am looking to upgrade. I have other boats I am interested in, but would like to know the differences between these two. Have also heard that the Falcon 16’ is no longer manufactured by Eddyline…

Thanks for any help you can provide me!


Haven’t paddled a Falcon . . . but
I might have a Nighthawk 16 for sale in the near future . . . already outfitted with foam hip pads and thigh hooks. I’m looking to upgrade to an ultra-light boat . . .


The Falcon 16 is no longer made. I demoed one a couple of times. As I recall, the beam was in the 20-21 inch range, and it had a shallow-V hull which made it feel a bit tender when sitting still, and probably scared off many potential buyers. Once moving it felt(to me) like a litttle rocket. I met several small intermediate/advanced paddlers who had when I lived in Michigan, but I guess the market wasn’t big enough.

I have a Nighthawk 16
that I bought to go swamp-poking in and it ended up to be my primary boat. It’s fast enough for me to be able to keep up with the guys, and very manuverable around those fallen trees in the swamps. Hubby just bought a Falcon S18 - haven’t gotten it yet but we demoed it at the ECCKF last weekend. It seems to be a rocket indeed!

Thistleback, you are selling your boat?!
That boat is great! Sorry to see you part with it. What are you looking to buy next, and if I may inquire, why is the Nighthawk no longer in favor?

Thanks and regards,


Not out of favor . . .
I still love my Nighthawk . . . I am just considering buying a lighter boat that I can pick up and carry on my shoulder. The Nighthawk is just about 10 lbs. too heavy for me to do that comfortably. I would keep it if I didn’t need the money to finance the other boat . . .

I still love it for it’s carrying capacity and toughness - and it’s a beautiful boat.


Glad to hear the Nighthawk is ok!
What other boats are you looking into?

(Inquiring minds want to know, at least THIS mind!)



Some people my age
just get a new shoulder

Where in the US region R you
I paddle a Falcon S/18 after an extensive search and testing on both coasts. I travel frequently for work. Real pleased with the MFR - Eddlyline. S/18 comes with a 16’ 10" water line. Roughly where in the US are you located? Have you tried other boats to see what meet your needs? What works for me might short change your ability. Test and try various boats. You’ll appreciate your final decision all the more. R/ Mark

I did . . .
I did get a new shoulder - at least a rebuild . . . but the other one isn’t up to snuff either . . . besides, why carry a 49 lb boat when I could carry a 30 lb boat?


Custom boat
I’m thinking of having a custom boat made - light layup and no gel coat. Just have to find someone to make it for me, and find out how much it’s going to cost. There are a few boat builders around my neck of the woods . . . I hope one of them has a wife with a finger in need of a nice diamond ring . . . I’ve got one to barter!


Thanks for the advice!
I live near Lake Tahoe, on the Nevada side, and put out an “all points” on p.net recently to demo/find boats near here. I just got one bite, and that was for advice.

I have a few models I want to try, and was trying to narrow the Eddyline field down some between the Falcon 16’ and the Nighthawk. I appreciate everyone’s help.

It looks like the Nighthawk will be a better fit for me over the Falcon from other’s advice.

I am always surprised at the lack of paddlers in this area! Sure, we live in a desert, but with Tahoe, Pyramid, reservoirs so nearby…I guess that many have not yet discovered p.net. I have seen one other paddler out in my past 20 paddles!

What is the secret that all of you other’s share? I am envious of all the chatter I read about the get-togethers in other parts of the US.

Thanks again for your advice about the Eddyline boats.



Nighthawk 16
I own the NH16 and enjoy paddling it very much. I have been caught in some rough waters and the kayak never let me down. I am primarily a day paddler, therefore, weight was an important factor in purchasing as I am a 57 year old woman who paddles a lot by myself. At the end of the day I hoist the kayak up on my vehicle and drive home. I too would love a lighter kayak for that reason only. In the long run, perhaps I need a sherpa. Demo these two kayaks and go from there. I find that the fit is very important. I have owned several eddyline kayaks, in fact, several of my photographs have been used for their catalog. I am going to soon purchase the Equinox, which is a combo of recreational and sea kayak. It is lighter than my NH16, and has a larger cockpit which will make it ideal for photography. Bottom line, Eddyline, makes great kayaks! Good Luck! Lina M.

One of these words
is not like the others:

desert, kayak, sand, bone-dry

Can you guess which one before I stop singing my song?

falcon 16
I’ve been paddling a falcon 16 for a few years. Yes, it may feel a little tippy when you first sit in it, but that quickly passes. I’ve paddled just about every boat out there, and for pure fun, nothing beats the falcon 16. It tracks straight in any conditions without a skeg or rudder. is very fast, very maneuverable, surfs great, easy to roll(not the greatest back deck for laybacks though),and it’s only 45 lbs. in FG, 40lbs. in Kevlar. They were discontinued in '01. Worth looking into a used one. Very different boat than the (also nice, but tamer) Nighthawk 16

Patrick at ONNO
is building a new boat called the Mermaid designed for smaller paddlers and light.