Eddyline Fathom/Falcon?

I’m a new kayaker currently paddling a Fathom. I have an opportunity to pass it on and step into the longer, leaner Falcon. Will the ride be similar? This is a different hull style yes? Hoping someone here has experience with both and can give me a little foresight. I’m 5’11"/210# paddling on lakes.

You might call Eddyline
because you are not getting answers here. I bet you could get more info comparing the two boats than is available on their website.

I did a search
I did a search on google and it brought me back to a couple threads here on paddling.net that answered my questions.

Stick with the Fathom
The Falcon is an outdated design, very straight-tracking & hard to maneuver. Stick with the Fathom, it’s a great design and much more versatile.

Old vs new
Eddyline put a lot of thought into their updated hull. To me it’s an ideal combination of stability, tracking, and maneuverability.

Does the Falcon have the sharp V hull? I did not enjoy that on the Merlin. Current design is much, much better.