Eddyline Fathom in my near future

I am very interested in an Eddyline Fathom in the next few months or sometime next spring.

I am looking for any feedback from anyone that has experience with this kayak, and all “pros and cons” I can get. I am 5’ 6" tall (short) and I am heavy for my height at 190 pounds. I am not at all fat, but very solid and muscular so I have short thick legs and that means I like thigh hooks that are “inboard” quite a bit so the hooks don’t dig into the top of my legs instead of coming around the top past the 12:00 position. Because my legs are short the angle of my bend knees is greater then most other men of my weight. Because of my short legs and 37-38" waist I fit into cockpits made for smaller paddlers well, but the boats they are made in are not large enough for a 190 pound paddler and gear enough for 3-4 days of touring. My body and working load come to about 230 pounds so I don’t like kayaks that I sink into the water deep enough to feel the displacement of water enough to slow it down notably. From what I read the Fathom seems about perfect, but it’s not a kayak I have ever seen in person yet, and if I am going to spend around $3000 I don’t want to be disappointed. I have spoken to 2 owners in California and Alaska and both say they are sure I would like it, but one is 5’ 11 and one is 6’ 1" and I out weight both of them buy a small margin (180 and 185 pounds ) so I am not sure of myself yet.

So I am interested in the opinions on either side, pro or con.

Because of where I live, getting to sit in one and paddle it are not realistic options, so it seems so far anyway. Just driving to a place to do so is going to cost me about $390 at the low end in gasoline, and a loss of work worth about $800-$900 minimum, so paying close to 1/2 the cost of the kayak just to go see one is unreasonable for me.

I have been told by one lady that some of the P&H boats may be better choices and they are a bit less money. I am all ears and will gladly consider advice from anyone that has real experience with the Fathom or any of it’s competitors. Tell me what you can about the Fathom and any other kayak in the 15.5 to 17 foot range you’d recommend. I am not locked into anything yet, but I’d prefer a skeg to a rudder.

A good used kayak is fine also, as long as it can be shipped to me but the cost of that shipment has to be within reason too. So for many kayaks on the used market today, going to one of the coasts is not likely to happen because the cost of shipping by truck is less then me going to get one. The closest ocean shore to me is still 1030 miles, one way. So a 2100-3000 mile round trip is likely to cost more then the kayak would be worth. If the seller is unwilling to help by making a crate for it, or by wrapping it up for me somehow it would be a deal breaker. A brand new Eddyline Fathom ordered from one of the dealers will run me about $3140 including the truck shipment to me, so that’s the base-line I figure down from.

I am willing to drive up to one full day in any direction and one day back, but 2-3 days each way is not realistic for me unless the kayak I was going to buy was REALLY inexpensive.

Interstate 80 goes from border to border of Wyoming, so one thought I’ve had when dealing with a man in California/Nevada border (Lake Tahoe) was for me to pay the shipping to anywhere on I-80 inside Wyoming. The truck only needs to get the kayak into Wyoming and I can pick it up from there. Such a shipment would need to be certain as far as when and where I’d meet the truck, but that’s all. I could do the same for some of I-90 through Montana too.

My last kayak was from a man who helped me a great deal. He drove my Necky Chatham17 part of the way and I met him and paid him. We switched the kayak from his SUV to my pickup and we were both happy with the deal. So I am open to ideas.

The time for me to buy is probably going to run from around October to around May of next year, so I am not desperate to buy immediately, but I want to start gleaning any good information I can now and that gives me time to make a better informed decision (I hope)

Ladies and gentlemen…fire away.

Seats in Eddylines are horrible to sit in for me. My friend had the Raven it paddled nice. But the seat to hull connection broke. He also has problems with combing breaking. For your budget of over 3 grand I think you can do better. Just my opinion. Are you open to roto molded? What length? If you go to 17’+ range you have more options and possibly a boat you will keep longer. Just my thoughts. Deck rigging lines are thin and cheap also.

You’re not in a rush so I’d look around at what’s used. That is my limit also 1 days drive. Just grabbed a boat 375+ miles one way but it was cheap and good. Two drivers it was not bad run. I’m 6’ 230 lb. 38" waist. Slip into my 29.5" x 16" cockpit. I do have wide base seats where it opens up 1/2 inch on each side below the combing. Maximum width you want, up to 24"?

Yes I am open to rotomolded. I like it actually. It’s super strong and tough and many of the places I go now and that I intend to go later are nothing but rock. My Chatham17 is 63 pounds and that’s OK, If I could get something of that weight or less I’d be happy.

17 feet and maybe a few inches more is about the limit because I can’t afford a new shed to store them in. My Chatham17 fits but I can get it in the door by going corner to corner and I have to hoist it up in the right order or it won’t clear the door frame. If a kayak was 17’-6" I’d need grease and a lever to get it inside.
If you were to make a choice in the 16 to 17.5 foot range, what would you choose Paddledog? My Chatham is 22" wide. It’s OK and I have no problems with it, but I’d love it if it was about 1" taller over my feet. And if it were a bit narrower at the front of the cockpit I’d like it better so the deck would come over my thighs a bit more and not force me to lock so hard on the braces. The Necky braces are a bit too small for me side to side in that cockpit. If the cockpit was about 3" narrower in it’s first third of length towards the bow, the braces would be fine. Or if the braces were 1.5"
wider side to side that would be perfect too. A key-hole shape instead of an egg shape would help me.

So I am all ears Paddledog.

Just out of curiosity, where are you?

Long Island NY

What dealers are near you to not spend a fortune on shipping?

I was thinking for me a skeg P&H Scorpio HV in spring. I have a bunch of CD hulls with rudders. Thinking about 1 skeg boat. They make HV MV and LV.

Well dang Paddledog…you are too far from me to get together with my wife and I and teach us a few things.

There are NO kayak dealers here or very near me, but one in Jackson Hole, and to the best of my knowledge they do not carry Eddyline. They can order kayaks at times however. I saw they had an Eddyline Sandpiper, so it’s possible they deal them, but it’s also possible they only sell used ones too, so I don’t know yet. No other kayak dealers in the whole state of Wyoming (if you discount Walmart.) I am not making many calls yet because I am in process of gathering up about $3000, and I want to have that saved up before I start shaking cages and kicking tire hard, so if I find a deal on what I’d like I can jump instead of waiting and having it get way to another buyer. When I say I am going to do something I do it. I am not someone that’s going to '“kick tires” back away, wasting the time of the dealers. When I am ready to buy I’ll shop for a deal and someone that wants my business and give me a good reason to deal with them will get the sale. I have learned that most dealers are out of stock. I know of 1 in NY that has a few and I will probably go to them when I get the money gathered up IF I do decide to order a Fathom. They have treated me well in the last 4 orders I and my wife have done with them. I remember when folks are helpful and I remember when they are not. I have called a few other shops and many of them seem to have little time to talk
Another in Wisconsin was very good and friendly, so I have them noted on my desk as one I will deal with in the future.

But I want to have the cash in hand to say “yes” or “no”, not “maybe” or “wait”.

I had one kayak shop that was good enough to call me and speak to me about a Fathom in detail, but then told me they don’t ship. They were in Mississippi. Well, I can’t drive to Mississippi, so that detail killed the potential deal.

There are a few dealers in Montana and 2 in Utah, all of which I can get to in one day’s drive and back if I do nothing else but drive.

I hear good things about P&H, but to this day I have never even seen one with my own eyes. I’d love to someday, but living where the elk and bears are means I doesn’t live where the surf and whales are. So I have to take the good with the bad — and do the best I can.

Talking to those that know is the best way for me to gain knowledge at this point.

There are a LOT of experienced people on both the east and west costs as well as Alaska and I love to engage them in conversations because I can learn more in 3-4 hours talking to someone that has 20-40 years of experience then I can teach myself in a year by making all my own mistakes. That’s why I said I am interested in a Fathom, but 100% open to others if some experienced kayakers tell me that I should buy something else.

I am not into looks all that much, so used ones with scratches and normal wear is not something that would turn me away. Things the don’t work correctly will, used or new. (Especially if they are on new boats) So you mention of problems with Eddyline seats would make me pay attention.

REI used to carry Eddyline, maybe they still do. Any REI stores in your area?

I’ve had a couple of composite P&H boats; they make good kayaks. But it must fit!

REI still carries Eddyline. You can check their website for availability and have it shipped to the nearest store. They will also ship to your door though I have no idea of the cost. I know a gent who has a Fathom and loves it, though I’ve never paddled it. The new ~$3K price tag opens a lot of doors, though, location not withstanding.

There is an REI store in Bozeman Montana. It’s about 325 miles away and the drive would be about 6-1/2 to 7 hours one way. So I can do that in one LONG driving day. I may give them a call.

P&H is another brand I have heard a lot of good things about, but the P&H web-site is not very good. You go to it and you can look at the various kayaks but when you try to click on anything to learn more the site is just “dead” and will do nothing more. Details are not given about seats, skegs, rigging, weights, most dimensions and so on.

The site looks good at first, but their web-site is very sub-standard.

Works for me at P&H look at USA dealers dimensions in inches also.

REI sells Current Designs also.

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Paddledog…The P&H site worked for you?

When I try to click on any topic there nothing happens at all. I am not very cyber smart, but the images and titles (topics?) seem to invite you to go farther and look into the details, but clicking on them is 100% ineffective. The pages let you look at individual boats as a very basic overview, but none of the smaller topic or links worked at all. They were all totally dead when I tried to open them.

Works for me: Kayaks, P&H Custom Sea Kayaks


Can’t comment about the Fathom, but I have owned a Fathom LV since 2017. I’m 5’4" and 111# (trying to get to 115#). The dealer near me had no demos but checked their sales records and found a fellow who had purchased a Fathom LV living nearby. So they contacted him and arranged for me to demo his boat. I paddled his boat on Lake Michigan, liked it, and placed an order with the dealer.

Like the Fathom, the LV is hard chined and has the same excellent cockpit outfitting Eddyline is known for. It appears that Eddyline has now discontinued the LV, which is a negative for smaller paddlers.

The seat can be moved forward or back and is no more uncomfortable than the seat in my CD Prana, but the backband in my Prana (an IR Reggie) is so much better that I’d like to install one in the Fathom.

My Fathom LV has never tracked straight without some use of the skeg. It’s also quite bouncy in chop but a fun boat to paddle and very easy to turn. I’ve paddled it on Lakes Michigan, Huron and Superior but now I keep it at home as I live on an inland lake.

I use my CD Prana LV for Great Lakes paddling. If you have the opportunity to demo a Current Designs Prana, Karla, or Sisu, go for it.

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Are seats in Eddylines still hard plastic?

No, many of them use their Infinity Seat which has a thin cushion. I find it quite comfortable.

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What is below the cushion the seat that slides?

I paddled a P&H Cetus and I love it. But that doesn’t mean that you will. I’m fortunate enough to live in an area with plenty of dealers and I went on a demo day to try some of the used, cheaper, stock. I came away with a brand new Cetus. Why? Because that boat worked for me. I got to paddle about half a dozen different hulls, 15-18 feet long, and the Cetus and I just meshed. That’s the hard thing for you, living out there. It is going to be difficult to have that experience, and I think that that experience is really important.

Maybe a plan a vacation somewhere? So you’re not wasting the time and money to just a test drive, but a vacation. And part of that vacation is paddling. And of course you’ll be vacationing in a place that has kayak shops, so you’ll be going on a kayaking vacation, there isn’t a downside to that. Well, money, but hey, vacation!

How about something like a Sirocco? Here’s some dealers maybe they have or can get something. Current Designs Kayak :: Dealer Locator

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There is a plastic seat base. I’ll try to get a pic later.

I think P&H wants you to go through a dealer. That makes a certain amount of sense as they allow quite a bit of customization of their kayaks. We have two Cetus MVs. Love them. But they cost a lot more than $3k.

If the Volan had been available when I was looking at the Cetus, they would have been on my short list to try. P&H Custom Sea Kayaks (phseakayaks.com)

Their website works for me, seems to be a dealer in Colorado:

Rocky Mountain Adventures

1117 N.Hwy 287

Fort Collins


CO 80524


1-800-858-6808 | Email


@PaddleDog52 There are wingnuts front/rear for the slider.