Eddyline Fathom

I was looking at the pictures on the website


and can’t figure out where the spare paddle would go (?). There don’t seem to be enough bungees on the aft deck. And with the 2-tier fore deck (half high, half low), it seems like half a spare paddle would hang in the air, like feet out the bottom of a bed that’s too short.

Anyone test paddle this thing? Where does the spare paddle go?

Look at the top view of almost any kayak
For example, the NDK Explorer or Romany and ask the same question. It is the day hatch (a useless feature in my opinion) that is the problem.

I would rather keep the aft deck clear
for rescues. Prefer to put my spare up front. But it looks like the front deck of the Fathom doesn’t allow for that. In the photos a spare paddle is conspicuously absent. Just wondering if anyone had tried.

Guess I don’t understand
The bow looks pretty much just like my Falcon, just shorter. I could easily put a spare paddle there. Remember, this is a 16 foot + boat.

You checked out the top view
now check out the side. (click on the smaller dimmed kayak for a side view.) The front deck is 2-tiered: a high deck over the cockpit, then a front hatch, then a low deck toward the bow. If you draw an imaginary line, you will see two tiers. It’s even more obvious in the pictures at the bottom of the page.

I see what you mean
But since I carry a spare paddle (if I carry one) on the rearmost part of the stern it would not be a problem for me.

eddyline fathom
I have an eddyline fathom and my spare paddle is a pull apart werner, it fits on the fore deck with the handles along side the cockpit protruding about eight inches past the front of the cockpit with the blades laying firmly on top of the front hatch.

By the way I really like the kayak and think it is going to become eddylines best seller and very popular.



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I have a Prijon Barracuda x 2 and they have the same configuration. The webbing just behind the coaming on one side is for the spare paddle. Some place the shaft ends (2 piece paddle) under these bungees and then the blade under the hatch cover straps (the Fathom does not have straps--mine has straps), or can leave the paddle full length (like a GP), and place one blade under the rear coaming bungees, and the other under the bungees near the stern end.


The Fathom looks about the same as your Merlin XT, except specs say a tad heavier despite a one inch thinner beam. You trading the Merlin Xt for teh Fathom? Likely little difference. Agree, the deck is too high.

What'cha gonna do with the Chatham?
When'ya wanna paddle?

boy, you’re all over that Chatham

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like a duck on a junebug!

That was a one-time special offer to Yanoer because I felt sorry for him, not having a boat 'n all. It's not because I'm trying to sell the boat. That I'll do back in the NW for the cash. Otherwise I'm boatless.

The Merlin has an incredibly deep v-hull. (I should type V-hull so you can see just how deep it is!) The Fathom, on the other hand, appears to have a shallow v and more pronouced chine. A maybe bigger difference, however, is in the stern: up to now 'rudderless design' Eddylines have had a virtually fixed skeg. Works great so long as you're paddling forward. But sometimes you want to go in reverse! Then it gets a bit dicey. Not so, I'm gonna guess, with the new boat.

I really like a number of features of the new boat. Just wish they'd bring down the oversized front deck. I thought it was just me, but the reviewer on the testimonial page fixates on it in 2 out of 7 sentences ("The high deck ... The high arched deck ..."). Bring it down in line with the bow, then you'd be talking.

eddyline fathom
I agree the fore deck could be lower.

I traded in a Merlin LT for the Fathom.

I only have a little over 35 hours on the fathom and not any what I would call heavy weather.

The Fathom blows the Merlin away in handling period.

The intial stability is similar to the Merlin but the secondary is amazing,this hull is nothing like any previous eddyline except the equinox has a similar design but carries the hard chines further fore and aft.

If you are looking to buy a new kayak and are and eddyline fan the fathom is a boat you should try. I am very impressed with it.


I have a hard time picturing how
"the blades [could lay] firmly on top of the front hatch" if the fore deck towers an inch or two (or three?!) above it. Seems like you’d get more of a “this-is-the-church, this-is-the-steeple” type effect, with the blades closing over the hatch, but above.

Can you attach a picture?

dont own any but like there boats
When we flew into New Orleans to paddle the Jean Lefitte swamp Arthur Herbert picked us up and provided Eddyline kayaks for us to paddle…maybe they sponsored him or provided equipement for his paddle across the Gulf of Mexico? anyway, the boats were nice to paddle in.

You guys
NEED TO PADDLE MORE! Delete this site from your favorites and paddle. Become good boaters. Forget the bullshit…go out in Nature and paddle.

You getting enough fiber, Salty?

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You wanta stifle discussion? Table all talk. That's cool. I guess.

It's just, I'm looking to buy a new boat, and here Eddyline has come along and put in its bid with a new boat. One that people don't know much about yet.

Does the thing stand up to scrutiny or not? You say "go out and paddle". That's exactly what I plan to do. The question is in which boat.

Are you seriously, are you SERIOUSLY telling me that this boat has NO PLACE TO ACCOMODATE A SPARE PADDLE?! (It sure as heck ain't going in the cockpit with me!) All the grandiloquence aside, quit grandstanding and just answer the question Salty.

I have a wife and kids. "Get out and paddle" without a spare?! Not on your life! If this boat can't stand up to scrutiny, then it's back to the drawing board. We're only talking one feature.

Edit: PS - You may have noticed, this is a forum for discussing kayak-related things.

We wouldn’t even know who Salty is…

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..if he took his own advice.

I have another question
Form follows function. What is the purpose of the new high front deck?

I ask because my current boat–a Chatham 17–has a similar feature, and it’s a pain in the a**.

Because of its profile, during assisted T-rescues, the Chatham, deck to deck, scoops up water just before it is righted, on its way back up!

Does the Fathom do the same thing?

Actually during a T assisted rescue, with my wife in a Merlin the Fathom cockpit is raised out of the water further because of the higher deck and drains really well. Of course I do have to apply pressure on the stern of the kayak to help her pull it out of the water.

I will try and take time this week-end to get a picture with the spare paddles on deck, if I can figure out how to post it.

Some one mentioned backing down with the boat, it back paddles very well, I back down in the surf here in Oregon as I won’t put the waves on my back, you ned to know what is coming at you and to respond.

Very helpful!

How about another one?

Scramble rescues on my old Merlin & Nighthawk were always a nightmare because–doink, doink, doink–the perimeter lines would come popping out of their fittings just when you needed them most!

Are the new ones any better? (I hope)