Eddyline Journey vs. CD Vision

Would appreciate your thoughts about the Eddyline Journey vs. the Current Designs Vision140 (with rudder). This post in on behalf of my husband, who is 6’1" tall, 168 lbs, does day trips on slow rivers with an occasional overnight, and is an intermediate paddler. He would consider other boats, too, but is considering these two because both are available to demo in our area (central Florida). Finding a seat that’s comfortable is a priority. Thank you.

Some thoughts
Your husband is on the thin side. The fit of both the Vision and the Journey would be loose for him. Loose doesn’t mean bad, it just means that he would have a couple of inches of space on each side. Whether the cockpit is right for him would depend on the fit he prefers. He certaintly doesn’t NEED a cockpit 17" or 18" wide, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like it. The cockpit could be padded at the hips for a better fit.

In general I think the Eddylines are better than the Visions, but see your Samba thread for other opinions. You found that the Samba fits you but it probably won’t fit your husband at his height. If you go up a step to the 14’ Equinox you will find it paddles very bulky compared to the Samba. The Journey definitely paddles better than the Equinox, I can tell you that for sure.

The Fathom would fit your husband well, but it’s not intended as a river boat, at 16’. Nor is the Journey, for that matter, but I use it for everything from streams to ocean. Eddlyine needs a 24" x 13’ or 14’ kayak.

What about the Vision 130? That would go well with the Samba.

I think the Vision seat is better. Matter of personal preference, though. The hull is more important than the seat. A seat can be replaced.

Also give some thought to which material you prefer, thermoformed plastic or composite fiberglass.

Eddyline Journey vs CD Vision
Since you have the opportunity to demo both of these boats, do so, and then you tell us which is the better of the two. My wife and I both paddle Eddylines and love the quality of craftsmanship. I have never seen a CD other than in pictures. Whichever ends up being your choice, it sure is fun shopping and buying.

And the winner is…
After paddling the Eddyline Equinox and Journey and the Current Designs Visions 130 (no rudder and Revolution Seating System (RSS)) and 140 (with rudder and the Dimension Adjustable Seat Back), my husband is now the proud owner of the Vision 140.

The strengths of the Vision 140 included:

  • It was the most comfortable cockpit of the four boats.
  • The rudder is easy to use and stow, and will be an advantage in open water when the wind kicks.
  • The Dimension Adjustable Seat Back reduced the overall boat weight by 2.5 pounds vs. the RSS as well as increased the comfort level.
  • The 14 foot length seemed optimal for his paddling style.
  • The boat is more maneuverable than the Equinox, or the Journey.

    For river trips with an occasional overnight, the Vision 140 was the best choice.

Thanks for that great feedback.

I do think the Eddyline seat is problematical in their otherwise great kayaks.

You said your husband is an intermediate paddler so I assume he knows how to lean a kayak to increase the maneuverability. Can you say anything more specific about how the Vision handled better than the Journey? I wouldn’t exactly say the Journey “turns on a dime.” I find it to be a slow turner but it does lean well.

Your conclusion supports my feeling that Eddyline needs another kayak in their lineup. A 14’ x 24" or 23" Eddyline with their larger cockpit would compete more favorably with the Visions. The Equinox is just not a nimble kayak.

What about the size of the cockpit of the Vision? Not too big for your husband? Will he need to pad it at the hips or knees?

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