Eddyline Journey vs Fathom

Can anyone compare the Eddyline Journey to the Fathom based on direct experience? Some things I’m interested in:




Volume for trips

I know all the specs and own the Journey. Would like to hear from someone who has paddled both quite a bit and can compare them. Thanks!

Eddyline Journey vs Fathom
I’ve been paddling the Journey for about 6 months. Prior to that I spent about 12 hours in class with a Fathom. The Journey is wider/shorter so is quite a bit more stable. It does edge well. It tends to weathercock but a little skeg fixes that. The Fathom is quicker but less stable. The stability issue goes away pretty quick and I find the Fathom a better boat over longer distance. The Fathom carries more load but the new model has a lower deck so I can’t comment on what the capacity of that one is. Either boat is a winner. Relatively fast, lightweight, easy to maintain and good looking.

Cockpit size is a big difference

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so if you have some concerns there it will be important.

I have a Nighthawk 17.5 that fits me with some room to spare. I use it for open water seakayaking and longer trips, plus kayak camping. I tried a Journey to see if I might like it for a more inshore/estuary type boat. I liked it, thought it rolled well and generally tracked well.

The cockpit, while not as roomy as the NH17.5 was fine for me but might be a bit wide for a smaller paddler. I can't even get into a Fathom. I did not like the hard chines as much as the softer ones on the NH, but it's probably a matter of what I'm used to. It did not seem as nearly as fast to me as the NH17.5 but I had a lot more of the hull in the water by comparison. It was super stable. Just from the specs I would imagine the Fathom would be faster.