Eddyline Night Hawk

Two of us would like to paddle the Night Hawk because we are seriously considering a purchase. Would any one in Southeastern Michigan be willing to meet up so we can try your boat? Thanks!

Sorry I can’t come . . .
I live on the wrong coast . . . but very glad to hear of Eddlyline interest from the other side of the country. I have a Nighthawk 16 and it has been a great boat for me. It is my first sea kayak (after an inflatable) and I’ve taken it camping several times - most recently to the San Juan Islands for a 5-day navigation and skills building trip. It behaves beautifully in rough conditions. It’s easy to maneuver, lightweight, beautiful, and tough. Couldn’t ask for more.

I’m 5’6" and 152 lbs. I fits me very well with no modifications. I have contact with the thigh braces at all times. And my friend can’t believe all the gear I can manage to pack into it!


Regrets as well (East Coast)
You are wise to test first.

Paddle the Falcon S-18 that I purchased last year with no regrets after an enduring six month test and read on various kayaks. No clear answer, only you can answer what feels right and paddles to your liking. Eddyline like most reputable manufacturers stands behind their product. Good luck Cheers Mark

Local dealers
eddyline.com lists 8 dealers in Michigan. Why not call around and demo a new boat? Bob

Thank you for the info on the boat. I’ll keep looking for one to try.

Thank you Mark. I’ll keep looking, reading and hopefully find one to demo. How far do you live if I take a road trip east?!

Matthews Virginia

Purchased my Eddyline from Bay Trails down in Matthews (Owens) Virginia. They, Shawn and Jan, are located some 150 miles south of where I reside in Southern Maryland by the Chesapeake Bay, Potomac and Patuxent Rivers. Bay Trails provided me with a free demo to paddle; upon my later purchase they provided a free four hour lesson with 6 other paying customers. Extremely pleased needless to say. Regardless of the brand and make, ask questions and test based off what your end objective is to paddle be it touring, lakes, rivers etc…

Cheers Mark

seconding the vote on Bay Trails
good folks there and a nice operation in a great paddling area…we stumbled in on a paddling trip to the Cheseapeak last year…still have a cap with their name on it.