Eddyline Nighthawk 16 skeg problem

Has anyone (else) purchased an Eddyline Nighthawk 16 that had an improperly factory installed skeg? Certain Nighthawks with specific serial numbers are acknowledged by Eddyline to fit into this category. I have been told by a manager at Eddyline that these kayaks were sold to dealers at discounted prices with the understanding (?) that the dealer would convey this information to the buyer. Last August I purchased a “used” Nighthawk 16 that turned out to have this problem, but I was not told by the dealer that it had this skeg problem. The problem is severe enough that Eddyline has told me it is “extremely difficult” to fix the problem without the kayak returning to the factory. But because I bought this kayak “used” and got a small discount as a result, the problem is now mine. Which, to say the least, does not make me happy.

I would appreciate hearing from any other Nighthawk 16 users who have experienced this problem.

Please explain exactly what is the
problem with the skeg…

Is it a cable problem
Curious abut the conditions on where you kayak? What research did you do prior to buying, and even more importantly did you try the kayak out first prior to buying? How old or used is the Nighthawk? What is your level of experience?

Why the questions? My Eddyline paddles well without the skeg. I consider myself an average kayaker capable of leaning or carving to correct any weather cocking that I may experience out on the Chesapeake Bay. Has Eddyline explain what they would do to resolve your problem? Which leads back to the previous email, what exactly is the issue with the skeg? Best of luck, you’ll be pleased if you send it back to the MFR, but surely someone locally to your location has the skill to resolve it as well.


Falcon S-18

Mine seems off-center
I bought mine two years ago and the skeg box seems to be mounted slight twisted or out-of-plumb, causing the skeg to be very snug. Even a grain of sand prevents it from moving easily. I have to keep a light coating of 303 or something on the skeg blade or it will bind.

Is this the nature of your problem?