Eddyline Nighthawk 16

You may want to check out

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the most recent review (on the Tracer) here on PNet. Wasn't real favorable.

So far the Eddyline Fathom is my preferred kayak for a purchase next year. I have also tried the Tracer and it is a great boat. Cockpit was a little too tight for me and the boat had a touch too much rocker for my liking. But I liked it better than several boats twice as expensive such as P&H Capella, Impex Ass, CD Gulfstream, etc. Very under rated, IMO. If Hurricane had a slightly longer boat with a slightly bigger cockpit with slightly less rocker, it would be a total no brainer. Great boat for the right person but the right person is not me.

he didn’t even reply

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to the post that listed the Tracer or say thanks for any of the input so far. OP-er appears to be not so serious about a Nighthawk after all.