Eddyline Nighthawk 16

Lookin’ for boats that are similar to the Eddyline Nighthawk 16. The mission of the boat is to navigate the Mississippi from source to mouth. Price is a factor. Lookin’ for a boat that is durable, moderately portable (looks like I will have to carry it a few times), will carry a moderate amount of gear (I pack very light), efficient (I am lazy).

I have looked for the Eddyline but they don’t seem to pop up very often.

Buy a Nighthawk.
Good boat, you like it, great small family owned company,…what’s the issue?

For river travel?
I love my NH16 but I’m not sure it is an appropriate river boat. It’s a great boat for lake/ocean touring, but I would not take mine on a river as I would be concerned about submerged rocks and it being maneuverable enough.

What is your price range?
I assume that’s the reason you’re looking for alternatives to the Nighthawk rather than getting the Nighthawk.

If you like the Nighthawk, also consider the Fathom (regular, not LV). The addition of the day hatch is handy for long trips and it also has a slightly higher load capacity.

The reason . . .
. . . I guess is mostly price. In the price range I am looking it will have to be a used boat and there just ain’t many out there.

I can identify with that.
That’s been my situation since I started paddling.

It’s been two years since I test paddled a Nighthawk 16, which I liked, but couldn’t afford. I remember that I liked the fit and handling, but can’t remember too many details.

I ended up with a good deal on a used composite Aquaterra Sea Lion, which is more maneuverable and ruddered instead of skegged. I like it’s cockpit fit and handling, but it weighs about 57 lbs, rather than the about 50 lbs of the Nighthawk. I don’t like the extra weight.

I’m 5’6" and 155 lbs.

Hope this doesn’t come off wrong but
are sea kayakers so cheap that a few hundred bucks will keep them from getting what they really want??

I guess I’m fortunate enough that I decide what I want then buy it! I’ve found over the years that this often becomes the “cost effective” approach long term.

I know cash is tight for many…me too. But I just don’t get the penny pinching compromises. Buy what you want and keep it for a long time and enjoy it.

15 years ago it was a big stretch for me to purchase my truck. Now, with over 400k and running veg oil it’s saved me thousands of dollars in it’s life. Likewise my outdoor gear. I tend to pay more for high quality, but i keep gear a long time! I’m sitting in an airport looking at my carry on pack…an old Buzzard that I bought in Estes Park as a climbing guide in '83. Still going strong.

I’m trying to encourage folk here to go for what they want as i believe the added pleasure pays off.

Good day. Buy the Nighthawk, it’s a great boat.

while I agree with the last poster,
to an extent…everyone’s situation is different…especially nowadays, you can’t fault someone for trying to save some money or stay within budget.

I too searched for a used Nighthawk to no avail…I think their owners seldom want to part to with them.

Yeah, and that’s worth a thought eh?

Agree with that
I don’t think many do want to let them go. But, test paddle it before you make the leap. I’ve let people paddle mine. Most appreciate what a lively boat it is, but not all.

My daughter . . .
. . . wants to go to an Ivy League college.

Mr. Mitty. Where you live?
I know a paddler in central IL Guinness that might be persueded to part with his yellow on white Eddyline Nighthawk 16 in pristine condition.

he was selling that, wasn’t he?
I’ve seen and paddled the boat and can vouch for it, it’s a real beaut.

Try this
Go to Google.com and in the search window type this:

eddyline night kayak site:craigslist.org

At least 3 of these pop-up today. I’ve seen them regularly, unlike some other boats that pretty much never show-up.

You can probably arrange shipping for another $100-$150 if the seller is willing.

You might want to research the Hurricane Tracer 165, made of very similar material and about $1500 new. These are an even better price used.

Check the link below
Ask for Glenna and tell her Bruce said hello. Her dealership runs demo days almost every week during the season. She may have some demo Nighthawks at reduced prices:


I’m with salty on this.
If you know that you want a Nighthawk 16, buy one. You’ll probably be very glad you did and if not, you can easily sell it because it appears that they are in demand as used boats.

I think it would do well on the Mississippi. We took ours down the Green River in Utah and the Columbia in Washington, for instance, and they performed beautifully.

oh get a Manitou 13
it’s efficient, cheap, will carry a moderate amount and is light. Besides you might like the roominess for taking naps, since you’re moving with the water it doesn’t sound like point to point speed is an issue. yeah,that’s the ticket.

Got word from Guinness., the EN16’s sold

The Hurricane Tracer . . .
. . . sounds like another boat that will suit my need and there is a dealer nearby. Thanks!