Eddyline Nighthawk What to look 4

I will be going to take a look at a used Eddyline Nighthawk 16 and wanted to know if there is anything in paticular I should look for to make sure its ok to buy. Oh also i know there is a 16 and also a 17.5 is there a label with a 16 and a 17.5 some were on the kayak? I cant tell on eddylines website. Just want to make sure it is a 16 and not the larger 17.5. Yes i could bring a tape measure too. Not sure if i could easily tell them apart just by looking at it.

The 17.5 is clearly marked. I have the 16 & it’s length

is not marked on it.

A couple of suggestions
1) The NH 16 is a nice-size kayak. The 17.5 is huge. If you rattle around, it’s a 17.5 (unless you’re >200 lbs, in which case the 17.5 will fit just right)

2)Avoid clear bulkheads!!! I was an Eddyline dealer at the time they were experimenting with see-through bulkheads. The material is very thin & flexible and is dissolved by the glue they used to hold it in place, so they only spot-glued in 4 places and didn’t caulk. These bulkheads pop at the slightest excuse (like lying on the back deck to get back in the cockpit.

Eddyline cancelled our dealership when I dared to complain. I still like their boats, but it left a permanent bad taste in my mouth and I will never deal with that company again.

Ok I will look to see if has clear bulkheads. I hope not. And no iam not big at 5’8" 169lbs. So hopefuly it is the 16 as he said it is.

Make sure the skeg works.

Thanks all

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Well it turns out it must be some kind of joke as the guy has it on craigslist but only responds saying its for sale and then asks when is good time to come over and see it but then never reponds after that. I had a freind respond to his ad did the same thing to him. Very strange people out there. Oh well. Maybe i will find something next spring.