Eddyline out of production model

Eddyline falcon 16. Anyone have info on this boat? I’m considering buying one used privately, and there isn’t much info out there. Called Eddyline and left a message. There is one review on this site that states it is glass, but I thought Eddyline only made thermoformed boats. I’m looking for a fast, mostly flatwater, workout boat, that I can advance my skills with. Moving up from a rec/daytouring prijon cruiser. Thanks in advance.

good boat
IMO the best boat Eddyline ever made.they don’t ‘do’ f/g anymore. it isn’t going to be happy in only flat water. it’s comfy in ALL conditions. pretty fast for it’s 16’ length and quite ‘spirited’. read- EZ to edge. how big are ya? a lower seat sometimes helps.

how much?


Eddyline made fiberglass boats
until 1999 or so. I had a Falcon16 and really loved the boat. That particular layup was too light for the boat and it was getting a bit spongy after 4 years of regular use, 2 of them in Okinawa ( I had a Raven with the normal layup and it was solid). I really miss that boat.

thanks for the quick response
I’m about 175lbs, and 5’6", with a 30" inseam. Do you think it will fit me, or more appropriately, will I fit the boat?

You’ll fit

Falcon 16
I bought one of the last ones made (2001). The initial stabilty is lower than average, but you get used to it pretty fast. The back deck is a bit too high for easy layback rolls, but is easy to roll otherwise. The hatches aren’t the driest around. The footbraces that come with it suck, install yakimas. The seat is very comfy, but the back will break after awhile, install a good backband (NSI). That said, you won’t find a more playful boat anywhere, very fast, not a Blackburn Challenge kind of fast, but very “quick” , very nimble when edged, surfs great, doesn’t broach or weathercock. the only thing it doesn’t do well is surf backwards. I can live with that. Also, unlike many companies, Eddyline is really great to deal with.

Fun boat!
Hull has a moderate “V” which makes it want to flop to one side or the other at rest, but it feels great once you get moving.

Fantastic Foot Braces (Nowadays)
FYI and IMO. Eddlyline listened to you and others, My 2003 Falcon 18 came with foot pegs that kept coming off while out paddling. Called the company and received an immediate new set of foot pegs that are adjustable while out in the water. Local dealer installed them at no cost. These are the standard foot braces used by most Mfr. nowadays. Been problem free ever since. R/ Mark

Falcon S-18