Eddyline Rio

I recall someone had gotten one of these last year and was going to post a review after having more experience with the boat. Has anyone here paddled it for any length of time?

None here,
but there’s a review at the REI website.

For what it’s worth, I recently ran into an ACA instructor who assisted at my L2 class. She normally paddles a Tiderace. While talking boats, she mentioned she had purchased an Eddyline Rio and loved it for relaxed and river paddling - and the fact it weighs only 35# versus her heavy LV touring boat.

might test one
If Lake George Kayak has one in stock and is still permitting test paddles from their dock when I head to upstate NY in October I might try one out – I’ve eyed them every time I’ve been up there for the past two years and am very curious. If I do, I’ll post at least a “first impressions” review.