Eddyline seat

I’ve been looking at several kayaks, Eddyline Carribean for one. Why on earth would a manufacturer make a gorgeous kayak like that and then stick a substandard, floppy, uncomfortable, cheap a$$ seat in a kayak that cost $1500?

Sometimes I’ll paddle 8 or 9 hours straight. I sure won’t be doing it in an Eddyline, I don’t care how light it is. I’ve looked for a consumer inquiry link and haven’t found one. Any one got a link? I’d like to ask them this question.

Just email them
I am also thinking about a Caribbean 14 and I’ve emailed Eddyline a bunch of questions. They have been quick to answer them. It seems that a lot of SOT kayaks come with a basic model seat.

Customer service link

Have two Eddyline SINKS; their customer service is excellent.

If weight isn’t an issue for you, like it is for me (two shoulder surgeries) but a Wilderness Tarpon. I had one for years and cant say enough good about it.Big orbix hatch right in front of the seat, very convenient! plent o storage fore and aft. Tracks well I regret having to sell mine

if the same as a few year old eddyline Journey the seat is a piece of junk hard ass plastic. That is my wife’s boat and I took it for a spin twice the seat id horrible. Current Designs seat may cost less to make but it is way better for comfort and longevity. My friend has a Eddy Raven ad the seat has failed a few times cracking and also breaking lose from the hull. I like the Eddylines if they had a decent seat.

No seat pad in her Journey?
My Samba has an ABS seat, covered with a seat pad, as did a Fathom LV I demoed.

I did replace the pad with the redesigned Infinity seat pad because it has thigh supports. Spent six hours in that seat a few weekends ago with no discomfort.

Aren’t all touring kayak seats made of hard durable material and covered with seat pads of some sort?

of the aftermarket seats will work for most SOT kayaks, so you can replace the standard one with a better one as desired. Eddyline uses the Cloud 10 seat on their upgraded angler Caribbean models. Too bad that’s not the standard seat.


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no CD seats are a softer plastic some I have are from 1999 and still like new. I even took the pads off them.

New Eddyline seat
I just ordered a 2017 Eddyline Caribbean 14. In addition to a new color choice, they have ungraded the seat with a thicker bottom pad & brass swivel clips. We shall see how the seat works when it arrives. If I don’t like it, I’ll get a different seat from ACK. This one looks good and has a back zippered pocket & water bottle holder. I prefer seats with a lower back.


A real kayak seat.
Once your butt gets broke in for paddling, the best seat is one that is firm, solidly mounted and shaped to fit the human form. NC Kayaks calls their seats ergonomically designed. That translates to the best kayak seats I’ve sat in. I think they make them in three, or four different sizes.

I have owned 3 eddlyline caribbean 14’s. The latest is the angler version with the cloud seat. I fish from the kayaks.
The original seat was thin and attached awkwardly. I put a skwoosh gel pad on and it worked fine. However the
seat tended to squeak. Later models have a traction sticker in seat area to eliminate the squeak. I currently have the cloud 10 seat it attaches nicely with stainless steel clips. It is very well padded. It is comfortable. The back is very wide and tall and obstructs your view of the flush mounted rod holders. It also soaks up water like a sponge. It is also very heavy particularly when wet. I like the thin seat with or without the gel pad. I think seats are a personal preference thing. Not everyone will like the same seat. Kind of like paddles we all have our favorite paddles. My biggest complaint is the new foot pegs. They are terrible. Too small and don’t lock into place. Virtually worthless. The old foot pegs were much better. I don’t think you will find
a lighter or better paddling sit on top kayak. They are amazing. Most dealers will help you pick a seat that you like.
Good luck with your decision.

I got my Caribbean 14 last Friday. The seat seems just fine, but I don’t care of the tall seatback. I have ordered this one. 12.5 inches tall instead of 17 inches. Has a generous looking rear pocket.