Eddyline Shasta tandem kayak?


Anyone tried it? I didn’t find any discussions or reviews on paddling.net.

I hadn’t heard of it until I was perusing the Eddyline website.

Isn’t it kind of like that tandem
Phoenix, the Vagabond or whatever it was called? The bulkheads will stiffen it as well as helping solve the flotation issue. Were you the one who had one of those Phoenix tandems?

I hope you find some first hand reports. Tandem kayaks with big central cockpits are not often the subject of critical reviews. From all the pictures shown on the website, I think they may have a good boat. Not a fast boat, but one that will track and turn according to need.

You thinking about taking the spouse through some twisty flatwater in it?

I do have a Phoenix Vagabond.
I mostly use it solo from just in front of the stern seat with a 48" ZRE bent shaft.

I’m not looking for a tandem kayak. I just happened to see the Shasta when I was looking for specs on another Eddyline boat and I couldn’t remember it being mentioned when people inquire about tandem kayaks.