Eddyline Sitka LT vs Delta 14

Hello all,

I am an intermediate kayaker that is looking for a new kayak to upgrade to. I currently own a Wilderness Tsunami 140 and I am looking to upgrade to something that I will have for a very long time. I am looking for something that is light, functional, fast/stable, and durable. I am going to use this kayak on the bay, rivers, and lakes.

I am a male, 51 years old, 5’7, and 158 lbs. I live in NY and I can’t find a place where I can try either of them, so that option is off the table.

I am currently considering between the Eddyline Sitka LT and the Delta 14. I like the aesthetics of the Eddyline more, but the weight of Delta is more attractive to me. The hatches are something that I also prefer on the Delta compared to the Eddyline. One thing that I am not sure about the Delta is the seat. I have read that it rotates which is something that I don’t feel I will be comfortable with. I am not sure if this is helpful or if it is just going to be annoying. Comfortable seats are one of the most important things for me. I can’t find too much discussion on the internet between these two specific kayaks, so making the choice is very difficult for me.

I would appreciate it if some of you guys could give me some advice on this topic.


I guess you probably read reviews.

I did read it and many other reviews. I am looking for some advice from someone that has tried both or someone that has more knowledge than me. The person in the review said that he did prefer the seat of the Delta more. I would love some more opinions on this topic than just one review.

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Based on your size, I’d consider the Sitka ST as well.

I know there is an Eddyline Owners group on Facebook, and probably a Delta group as well. That may be a good place to go for specific feedback.

Seats in Eddylines are hard and horrible.

Pdog, which Eddyline do you own and paddle regularly?

I’ve found the seats in my Samba and Fathom LV are as comfortable as the seat in my CD Prana LV.

I haven’t paddled either, but looking at the plan view of the boats and reading the manufacturers statements, they sound pretty different. The Sitka sounds more nimble, being narrower at the bow and stern it will be more responsive to edging.

The Delta is fuller at the ends, is somewhat Swede-form (wider behind the paddler), and is described as being ‘capable in all conditions.’ I believe this implies that it is not quite as responsive, and is stable over a range of sea states. I also seem to recall that the Delta touring kayaks were designed by John Winters, and this neutral behavior is a characteristic of his hulls. I have a QCC Q400 designed by him (aka Swift Caspian Sea) that is described with essentially the same language. It is fast and stable, tracks well, and has excellent glide.

I think if your goal is honing kayaking skills, more focus on maneuvering, playing, etc., the Sitka makes more sense. For straight-ahead paddling in a range of conditions (which you mention), the Delta may be more satisfying. I would choose that one for this reason, plus it is lighter and has a cleaner look to my eye.

I also notice the cockpit shapes are pretty different, you might try to compare with what you’re used to, to see if one type appeals more to you. The dimensions are quite similar, both should be fine for your size.

My partner has a 15’ Journey decent hull seat is horrible. I paddled it twice since 2009 for kicks. Deck lines are cheap crap. I’d never get in it again. I was going to put a Current Designs seat in it.

Way better seat.

Carry handles seem like they’ll rip off too.

If that’s the seat, then it’s understandable why it wouldn’t be comfortable. EDY seats have improved considerably since then.

That’s a Current Designs seat best ever going in my CD Extreme I just bought. Comes with pad but I don’t use a pad. Foam goes in center and seat flexes a bit.

I’m glad that’s the best seat for you. Seats specifically, and outfitting in general, are very personal. I quite like the Infinity seat in my Eddyline Raven, though I’d stop short of saying it’s the best. I haven’t noticed that the Eddyline deck lines are any better or worse than other brands, including the CD boat I owned previously.

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They are very thin compared to CD and they are non-reflective. You don’t want a thin line if your trying to hang in to it. Eddyline seat is a hard base like many companies used in the early 90’s.

I’ll try to mic it at some point, though it strikes me as ~4mm cord. I prefer to use 5mm cord when I replace old stuff. You’re partner’s Journey is an '09 and my Raven is a 2016, so there may be some variation between models and years.

my boot laces are better than the carry handle on the Eddyline.

Hopefully there are changes. No need for a mic eyes will tell you.

No padding?

I like padded seats. Well-padded seats, so I cut out a pad from a Thermarest RidgeRest sleeping pad to add a bit of comfort.

Very comfortable and good free rotation from leg drive. Seat is lower and you can feel the difference in center of gravity.

This one above coming out. It’s a bit stiffer with less flex.

I cut combing legs out and move seat back in 29.5" cockpit. Legs will be moved under the combing 1/2" to 3/4" on each side. It’s an option if you buy a new CD hull.