eddyline skylark..beginner or not

not been in kayak for over 20yrs and thinking of purchasing eddyline skylark.

i,m 6’4" 17st and looking for very stable kayak, as my last kayak was impossible to flip over. as not good swimmer.

my hobbies include bird watching and photography so wanting to combine all three.

would the skylark be a good choice ?

at 19 stone you are 266 lbs. The Skylark is rated for 295 lbs (paddler + gear)or 21.07 st.

Kayak will sink low in water and not be as much fun or quick to paddle. You need more freeboard.

Suggest going up to 14 feet. With a rudder, so you can steer quietly w. feet only as you move in to take pix or view birds.

I think you are on the right track given what you want to do. Go up to 13-14 feet (even 15 feet) with a higher weight rating. If you have long legs like many ppl of your height, get in any kayak you’re considering to make sure you can fold your legs in easily.

Nothing wrong w. a used boat either. Take the money saved and put it towards a very good paddle and comfortable high quality life vest (pft). You might like the style of life vest designed for anglers, w. many pockets.

Or you might even luck out and get a paddle and vest thrown in w. the sale.

How about …
… the Eddyline Caribbean 14? That should handle your weight and make it easy to handle your gear.

Hey Raven, you were at the GLSKS? So was I. Certainly was a great time (assuming one has a drysuit). Also was great to be staying at a motel, considering that Thursday night monsoon:)

I suggest the Eddyline Equinox instead
if you’ve decided you like Eddylines. I think the cockpit might fit you. It’s very stable. In fact it’s slightly too stable—for a faster kayak also compare the Equinox (360 lb capacity) to the Eddyline Journey (375 lbs): same cockpit but slightly narrower and noticeably faster and more maneuverable.