Eddyline Whisper Tandem- Thoughts?

I am considering an Eddyline Whisper Tandem. Me, parent, wife, kids... various sized adults.


Nice weight for a tandem. 18 feet Only two Pnet reviews. Anyone own one and what is your experience?

Eddylines in general: Carbonlite... fixable? Repairable? Seat..backband comfortable, of need changing out?

Thanks in advance.

I almost tried one yesterday, but it was too windy. We rescheduled for February. It looked nice and was in good shape for an outfitter’s boat.

Eddyline experience
I can’t speak to the tandem specifically, but I do have an Eddyline single. I have been pleased with the Carbonlite material. No problems. No maintenance. It’s a good hard surface. I haven’t had to repair it, but I did glue in hooks for the back band. The recommended epoxy worked fine.

My boat came with a backrest instead of a back band. I found it uncomfortable. I switched to the Eddyline back band and now it is super comfortable. I don’t know why they don’t offer the back band from the get go.

I am happy with the boat. I would buy another one.

one word:
butt ugly

Why not try a Seaward Passat instead?


or better yet:
A Triton!


Why not? Two word: + 13 pounds!

A while back

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I was looking for a 18' max double kayak (that's the lenght of my garage) and asked a few questions to Eddyline about the Whisper. One of the things I didn't like was the quite large cockpit(s) with no option for thigh braces.
Other then that.......... I never paddled the boat.

mario et al: video
I hear you Mario, and thanks for teh suggestions, Bohemia. Many nice thoughts. What’d you get instead, Mario?

Here is a neat link about the Whisper. Chekc out the pics, and midpage, if you click the "Turning without a rudder…"section, there is a video of a competent couple edging the Whisper successfully, even without the thigh braces.


Not bad
I too prefer the Passat but it is not plastic, heavier, longer, and more expensive.

But carbonlite is great for plastic and is much much lighter than any other plastic tandem I know. A friend has one in the touring fleet and it has done well.

I think you could do a lot worse.

Maybe Seda Tango, 72 lbs in kevlar.

Has two good p.net reviews. I’d like to try one.

Thanks, yanoer.

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Not a bad idea, except for cost.

The Seda Tango kevlar 72 lbs is $4190

The Eddyline Whisper is 73 lbs and, on sale, $2500 (I called the local retailer and got this price).

Eddyline tandem used online (but not local, unfortunately) is $1900.

I need to ditch one of my current kayaks, though, so that I have space on my Talic Condo, and so that my wife doesn't grab me by the nape of the neck and stick my face against every kayak I own, like teaching a dog where not to poop by rubbing his face in it.


Seda Tango
Hey Cooldoctor,

If you have the opportunity to try a Seda Tango, give it a shot. It’s longer than what you’re looking for, and probably heavier too, but not only will you have a tandem you can take the family out in, but it is a premier big water boat besides, should you feel so inclined.

I picked up a well used one fairly inexpensively, and have to say it’s one of my favorite boats. My daughter and I paddled it regularly this past summer, taking trips out amongst the islands in the LI Sound (plenty of cargo space for shell collecting). Our family took it on vacation to the Cape, paddling everything from tiny marsh inlets to confused swells. It’s surprisingly manageable for such a big and heavy boat, except for lifting it on and off the car. Once it’s in the water, it paddles delightfully, surprisingly fast and unaffected by chop and confused water; it slices right through, and its high bow assures a dry ride. Super comfortable too.

Perhaps the greatest testimony to its all around goodness came in the recent Mayor’s Cup Race, circumnavigating Manhattan. I had some trepidation being in a boat for more than 3 hours since my sciatica acts up, so I roped an adventure racer friend into doing it with me in the Tango. She’d paddled maybe four times all summer, but I knew she’d be game, and the Tango would be supremely comfortable and stable with its 29" beam were we to encounter any conditions. Needless to say, we did, and the Tango was the boat to be in. We were tossed like a cork through Hell’s Gate and threaded the needle through the huge buoys outside the U.N., and through it all, the Tango handled beautifully. We were never in danger of capsize and you could hear our whoops through the sizeable swells. You can read an account of the conditions here, if you’re curious: http://www.zdap.com/racereports/viewtopic.php?t=6935

If you can fit it and lift it, it may be worth a look. You’ve got the fitness from the Concept 2-no prob-smile. I’d also echo the Seaward Passat as a wonderful boat-they move along well also. I’ve never paddled the Eddyline, but they have a couple at the outfitters by me, and I know they’re a popular tandem for rentals. They’re bound to be lighter in the Carbonlite than the standard fg layup in the others. The kevlar versions of the other boats are significantly lighter, but also much pricier. Good luck!

I got a faded Whisper on ebay $600
They are really wide, I moved each footpeg in 2" on blocks and it’s still somewhat uncomfortable because the boat is so wide. However it is good and stable and reasonably fast. I’ve only paddled a couple tandems but I felt the Northwest boat we used once was far better.

Good Luck


What about…
Valley’s Sea Aleut 2? I have that boat in the Ultra Carbon Kevlar layup. Mine’s hinny ugly (gelcoat colors) but I got a very good deal. It’s 22 ft. long by 26 inches wide. It is fast, comfortable, very roomy and rides waves very good. It has been a great boat and I have enjoyed it.

Here is a web site if you are interested: http://www.southcoastkayaks.com/boats/aleut.htm

Good luck finding that “just right” boat!


northwest .5
is a good fat 18’ glass kayak

If you can find one…
…I would look for the Seda Tango as mentioned above.

I own the VCP Aleut Sea II (also mentioned above) and as far as a double that will haul the mail, cover distance quickly and handle pointy seas in reasonable all day comfort IMHO it’s the tandem to beat on the market today. However, it is not cheap.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the Tango as well. It is fast and very comfortable (too comfortable with cockpits big enough to slouch down in a go to sleep) and can haul a huge amount of gear all at a reasonable price. If you can find one used, I would go for that over the Whisper in a second. In fact, a good used one will probably be my next kayak purchase as I’ll be able to then get the family in two doubles.

The Tango is one of the few tandems on the market that has a center hatch between the cockpits WHICH IS HUGE IN TERMS OF SAFETY. If I recall correctly, the Whisper does not have that. Tango has 4 fg glassed in bulkheads. Whisper has no bulkhead between cockpits if I recall correctly and the bulkheads it does have for the bow and stern compartments are foam if I recall correctly. The Whisper is also in the ‘divorce’ boat category in that it require both paddlers to paddle in sync. The Tango and Aleut allow out of sync paddling allowing a more relaxing trip if that is desired.

As for the turning without a rudder–any double should do that, it’s just a matter of technique and the hi and low pressure function at bow/stern and using that knowledge. However, with almost any double, you will want the rudder fully functional at all times when the wind, etc. comes up. I carry a complete spare rudder system for my Aleut when doing open ocean trips.

We’re almost (but not quite) doing the old comparison of a ‘rec’ boat to a ‘sea kayak’ here that starts all kinds of angst. But the Tango is heads and tails above the Whisper in my opinion in nearly every respect. Whats a couple of pounds of differnce?–once it’s on the water, you won’t notice.

I think the Tango is 85lbs in fg. A buddy picked up one from a rental fleet in reasonable shape for $1600 a year or two ago. They are out there for reasonable prices.

Good luck.

funny you should mention that
one just came up on craigslist:


Now go figure, Whisper for sale

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But it's in Seattle! Someone up there, go for it.

You've all given me plenty to research with regards to alternatives, though. Very much appreciated.

My bro-in-law has a Whisper
My husband and I took it out once. It seemed wide at the time but I’m used to paddling a 16’ Night Hawk (22" beam) or a Currituck (21.5" beam). I did not find the front cockpit comfortable - I have hip problems and kept having to change positions to be in less pain. It handled well and was lightweight, and we were able to get a good speed in it. We did not have any problems with clanking paddles. There is no bulkhead between the front and back paddlers, which could enable the back paddler to goose the front one if he or she wished :D. If we were to get a tandem, that would be the one. But we’ve paddled in our own boats for over 12 years now, so I don’t think a tandem is in our future.