Eddylines Nighthawk vs Fathom

hi all,

does anyone have any experiences with both. Paddled the fathom never the nighthawk.


Nighthauk is faster than it looks.

Fathom is much faster than my Explorer, (both are).

If you go to www.paddlers.nf.ca and do the same posting on their ( Our ) news group Bob Gagnon can give you a realy good critique on both as he owns and paddes both a lot. He is a CRCA ( Paddle Canada ) level 4 paddler who hand rolls Boston Whalers. Ok that is an exageration but only just.

I prefer the more Greenland type boat, explorer, Nordcapp LV, Capella. It’s just Me.

Read my Fathom review on the product review page. I wrote a short critique between the two boats in my review.

I own a Fathom, but am in search of a used Nighthawk for a second buddy boat. I really like the Eddyline product, but I’m biased because I own one.


Product Review
How does he find that page?

Product reviews are located via the link
just above message board on the left of your screen. I own a Nighthawk 17.5 and paddled the Fathom before I bought my boat. I am 6’3" 255lbs and wanted the bigger boat at the time of purchase. I plan on buying a Fathom next. My wife paddled the Nighthawk 16 for a couple of weeks and loved it. I too am partial to Eddyline. You must paddle them both for an extended (not short as in harbor tour) time. They are both great boats. The Fathom is hard chined and the NH soft. The Fathom has a higher deck and a day hatch. In general the Fathom is designed to address those people who prefer the Greenland style of boats, it looks more like a Nigel Dennis than an Eddyline NH. I don’t know where you live,but try contacting steves@eddyline.com to see if he is going to be in your area. Right now he is in Florida, but will return to the midwest in March. He has most of the Eddyline boats with him all of the time. They are both great boats, get some seat time and pick the one you like more.

after reading all the reviews and comments - i’m leaning towards the fathom.

thanks again

Try The Night Hawk 16
I own one, and I have had a Fathom sit right next to myboat, and it looks like the deck is significantly higher. Unless this is desirable to you, try both, as the NightHawk 16 is likely to feel different to you, and may be a better fit.