edging nordkapp vs aquanaut

In your opinion how much of a difference in

manerablility is 2002 nordkapp HS pre h20 version

compared to aquanut. I know for nordkapp turning

abilities the LV is the way to go but was curious

what you thought about older version if your

skills are up to snuff.

oldest version of the Nordkapp is the stiffest turning. I like the Jubilee in its HM version. I feel it to be very balanced as far as tracking vs turnning. They all turn, it’s just that if you need to turn around to do a rescue, the early nordkapp is not the one to have.

The early version is however the fastest of the nordkapps (the last ones produced were only about 19 inches wide)

For turning, I never really noticed much differance between the H2O and the Jubilee in the HS version. When layed over . But in a HS version I felt that the H2O tracked slightly better, but not quite as well as the Jubilee HM

I’ve only test rode an Aquanaut a couple of times, nice boat. But I prefer the nordkapp and can’t really compare the two other than that they are both nice boats.

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The only version I have seat time in h20, but

looking at jubilee vs h20 there didn’t seem to be

much of a difference. Thx

H2O is built off the Jubilee frame. As far as I know there was no material added when the move was made to the H2O. The only changes , other than the Hatches, were the slight change in the rocker and a very slight change in the tip of the nose.

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nordkapp hmc
I owned a nordkapp hmc for a some years (extended keel, old boat) and to really get it to turn you needed to crank it over far enough to get the keel out of the water. When the boat was fully loaded it was okay to do this in rougher water, but unladen I tended to try to use waves to turn on. How the boat was to paddle unloaded was a big part fo why i sold it. My legend has more loading capacity, better handling in all conditions (IMO) and is a way more enjoyable boat to paddle unloaded. No experience with the newer versions of the boat