Edisto Canoeing Trip

Planning a trip down the Edisto river later this year. I would be very grateful for any guidance or suggestions from past experiences. Links, stories,or anything else would be appreciated too.

Check out the GO Paddling stories
There are plenty of Places-to-Paddle trips you can read about under the GO PADDLING heading above under South Carolina. You can choose The Edisto, North Fork Edisto (my personal story) and the South Edisto River. BTW there is a group making a planned trip in just two weeks that is discussed here!

Don’t do the section on the north fork…
above Orangeburg, unless you like climbing over logs and bushwacking.

You won’t be a happy paddler!

Ask anyone who does the Black Water River race.

Jack L

My favorite section
is between Colleton and Givan’s Ferry State parks…

Talk to Carolina Heriatage Outfitters
Read up in Places-to-Paddle.

Then call and talk to Scott or Anne. Tell them how long a trip you want and what you are looking for. They are good people and will answer your questions. If it works out for you, hire them to run shuttle for you. It’ll be a few bucks but will help keep them in business so they will be there for the next folk who need 'em. They also have a nice campsite on the river you can get for a few bucks, assuming you don’t want to spring for the somewhat pricey tree-houses.



Edisto River
Thanks everyone for the guidance. In other ideas, suggestions, or favorites that come to mind, PLEASE post them. I will keep a check for replies…