Edisto in S.C.

I’m looking at doing a 3 or 4 day trip on the Edisto during the winter months, taking ample time to explore along the way, wanting to go all the way out to the mouth and take out at Edisto Beach. Anyone that’s ever been on it, how are the sandbars/ beaches for camping, especially further down towards the mouth?

I am glad you are coming to Edisto. I live on the island and canoe, kayak and fish the area. It is important to remember that as you enter the tidal zone, there are not going to be any sandbars or much really dry land for camping. That does not mean that there is not a lot to see, fish to catch and places to paddle. For the best information about how far down you can realistically paddle, give Ranger Larry (not me) a call at Canadys State Park. See this link for the Edisto trail and park numbers;


If it was me, I might paddle down to Givhans Ferry State Park and then drive down to the beach. You can camp at Edisto State Park and in the winter, you should not have any problems getting a site.

Don’t forget to visit and paddle around Botany Bay.

The beach is great during the winter, the tourists are just about non-existent but we still have quite a few warm days, and if you are a fisherman you can still probably find some redfish and trout.

Let me know if I can help.


Excellent feedback, Larry. We’ve
paddled the river down to Coniston, and we’ve been cottage renters on the island. Your advice exactly corresponds with the impressions I’d formed from scouting the lower end of the river.