Edisto River information needed

A group of us are planning doing a three day trip down the Edisto River in SC. We are planning on putting in at the Whetstone Crossroads landing and taking out at Long Creek landing. Are these landing secure enough to leave vechicles for a couple of days? Are there fees for these landings? Does anyone have any other river information that will make this a great trip?

i recently made a weekend trip on the edisto. we camped at colleton state park (very helpful staff), and floated the 21 miles from whetstone back to colleton. whetstone crossroads seemed as safe as any place can be said safe in today’s world. there is a launch fee at the put in. i can’t speak for any other put in. the river is very pretty, with lots of sandbars suitable for camping. not much development on the section we went on. the ranger at colleton offered to help with our shuttle but we had enough guys to handle it ourselves. lots of information on the edisto can be found by googling online. additionally the book PADDLING SOUTH CAROLINA by Horan is very useful. i’ve talked with several folks who’ve gone further down the edisto. none have said anything about problems at the put ins, however it is always a crapshoot. hide your valuables, lock the doors, and try to park where the vehicle will be in plain sight, or better yet, try to park at a business or home with the permission of the owner (has worked for me on several occasions). good luck on your trip. hope this was helpful. -harry