Edisto river paddle ?

Looks like the original post evaporated ? Guess I’ll visit the “other” paddling site to see how the weekend went.

short review
About 20 folks showed up on Saturday. It was decided since the Edisto was close to flood stage we broke up into 3 groups.

One group didn’t have the skills to paddle on a river with this type of flow so they went to an easy slow river to match the skill level of their group.

A second group went to Sparkelberry Swamp, while the third group decided to paddle the Edisto.

10 of us were in the third group. At the putin in Colleton State Park, the walkway on the canoe launch was about 1 foot under water near the river with a fair current running thru the trees. The river was running 3 to 4 knots in the wide areas and 4 to 6 knots in the narrower spots. Add in 20+ knot breezes, strainers and bright sunny day for a fun day.

Thanks Ken !
Sounds like a challenging weekend. Not sure I missed much, since I probably would have been relegated to the “bathtub class” whitewater group. LOL Hope everyone got home safe.

A couple of people got an Edisto Baptism
but were fine. I was with the Sparkleberry group. The swamp was beautiful!