Edisto River (SC) advice needed.

Is there a 10-15 mile section with good access points? The 2 sections I have paddled were both 20+ miles.

You might try putting in at Mars Oldfield Boat Landing (N of Givhans Ferry) and pulling out around 17A–there are lots of accesses south of Givhans.

Pick up a lowcountry boat landing map at a boating store like West Marine. It’s easy to find good access points on those.


out Orangeburg SC. thereis a nice stretch froma fishing access point into the town of orangeburg. If you look up the Festival of roses you can click on the canoe race and get the map , or particulars.


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Mars Oldfield Boat landing? I asked the ranger about that place and that is THE only place that folks have had trouble leaving Vheicles at!! The Chunks above O-burg may have a few obstructions.

I am not altogether sure about the safety of each put-in to be honest with you. There are plenty of others.

Of course, you could always just have someone shuttle you there–that way, no worries about leaving vehicles behind.


at 20 bucks a person!!!

My wife and I have used the local outfitter off of highway 15 for shuttling at the cost of $20-$25 per boat. Our vehicle stays at their site.