Edisto River,SC on November 2

Starting at boat ramp on US 15 across from Colleton SP. Leaving at 9am , headed to Mars Oldfield landing. As I recall, 15 miles.

We’re going to need more notice than that! Sure would like to join with you to paddle your favorites again! How’s about a Jocasee Rendezvous in April?

Would like to do the April Jocassee trip. Would love to meet y’all! Can’t make the November date either.

Tom, that would certainly be enough notice. It’s a thought.

mmmm…sure want to… since I’ve been wanting to paddle some in that area. But there’s stuff scheduled. I’ll check with Qruiser. Likely not.

However we will be in SC in April looking for paddles the second week.

Let me know and I would be glad to paddle with you. Lots of variety from Mountains to ocean. Living in the middle of the State puts me about 3 hours from most of it.

Let me know also. I’ll make sure Castoff doesn’t drown you

I’m in.

All right I’m weak for a good paddle even with short notice. I’m currently two sea kayaks. I might talk it up with some club members and get some more paddlers.

I assume we will work our shuttle details Saturday morning at 9 am. In Floridia we are still in warm water in November. When does neoprene season start in South Carolina?

You are referring to the Edisto trip on Nov 2, correct? Yes, we’ll set the shuttle when we get there. It’s an easy one
Check the weather carefully and stay in touch If rain is predicted , we won’t go. I don’t know anyone who wears neoprene and we’re a couple of months away from dry suit temps.
The river is very low now but navigable by kayak.

Yes Edisto river Nov 2.