Edisto River

Greetings Carolinians et al.,

A friend and I just paddled 47 miles on the North Fork and Main Stem of the Edisto River. What a great trip! Anyone interested in paddling this, I’d be happy to relay any useful information about the trip / route / gear etc. I’d also be interested in anyone’s knowledge of paddling the South Fork and Main Stem of the Edisto. Post here or send to kendallgreer@hotmail.com.

See ya’ll on the water,


My goal
is to paddle all of the Edisto that can be paddled. So far I have paddled from Orangeburg to Willtown Bluff [approximately 8 miles below Jacksonboro] but I haven’t done any of the South fork as of yet. I have been told that it is very nice and my next trip will be part of the South fork. What area have you paddled?

i have done from NORTH to Givhans. and from the South fork from 301 down.

how did the south fork compare to the north?