editing canoe videos

I have a Garmin camera I attach to my canoe to take video clips of my trips. Anyone know how I can cut out the boring sections of a clip?

use editing software
Garmin, GoPro and many other sports cams are great at capturing footage but there is a tendency for having a lot of “boring bits” before anything of interest happens.

I acknowledge your effort to prevent your audience falling asleep (or bringing to tears) with your intention to cut out the non essential footage to tell the story.

There are several editors that you can use, some are even available for free online> Google search.

If you are seriously interested in editing and are trying to create a highly polished video then maybe you will have pay for software.

I use Premiere Pro; admittedly not the easiest software to use but gives me results that I am happy with.

To create a decent looking movie that is themed and timed to some music I can spend up to 100 hrs for a 3 minute video.

Of course I could spend only 3 hrs to get a mediocre result but I would not be happy with that.

The key factor with any edit is to be brutally honest and cull all the “bad” shots (badly framed, timed, lit or executed) and keep the very best to make a SHORT video.

Of course you might have different priorities and a different audience with different results.

Windows Movie Maker
If you are on a Windows machine, it should have Windows Movie Maker installed.

You load the clip and can split it in sections. Put the splits at the beginning and end of the parts you want to cut out and delete them. It will not destroy your original footage. You save it as a different file name.

film in short bursts.
turning the record feature off an on and only recording short bursts. Many times I only record for 5 seconds. Much easier to edit if you’re selective to start with. Think about telling a story through short clips rather than leaving the camera on continuously.

Is the camera a Virb?
If yes, the software is Virb edit by Garmin.

Overview video here:



Adobe Premier Pro
be wat ah’s use but also Serif’s MoviePlus X6 be very good an’ a lot less wampum.