Ed's Cane Bucket Canoe Seat?


Has anyone here used one?

I’m considering getting one to replace the stock cane seat that came in my Curtis Lady Bug solo canoe. The stock seat cuts into the back of my thigh when I’m kneeling.

I sit most of the time and would expect this seat to be comfortable for sitting, but I also would be kneeling quite a bit when on rivers and am wondering it it’s also comfortable for kneeling, or if that bump in the middle would cause discomfort.

Any feedback on these cane bucket seats would be appreciated.

I replaced the stock straight seat in my royalex Bell Wildfire / Yellowstone Solo with the web Bell contour seat and that made a big comfort improvement in that boat, so that’s also an option for the Lady Bug.

I’m also considering the Hemlock contour web seat as a replacement.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

no, but i’m glad you brought it up
looks cool.

i’m probably going to order a seat similar to this soon.

was thinking of buying from Bell, but this seat looks nice.

i’ll also check Hemlock.

It looks great
If you get one I’d like to know how you like it. Do you have any idea what the distance is between the longer frame elements?

I’d like to get one, but I don’t particularly want to buy new hangers for the seat (I have a Bell).

I have one in my Peregrine
and put a couple of hundred miles on it this winter.

Pretty comfy seat. And pretty comfy kneeling…

I would have to go out to the barn and measure the seat drop…but my mens size eights fit fine. I do not wear a stiff soled shoe for kneeling.

If you had a wide boat where you were off to one side that bump might be bothersome…centered you do not notice it.

whenever I use I goto a gel cushion

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Those add-on gel cushions are nice if they fit you as well...but that design DOES look like it's the answer.

Thanks. I just ordered one.

Two frame sizes available:
Standard is 8" centers (Bell and others)

OT (Old Town) is 8.25" and my Curtis Lady Bug.

I should have it installed and ready to try out by next weekend.

Currently the best seat available for traditional solo or tandem canoes.

Pb encouraged Ed’s to bring that seat back from the dustbin in 2005. [They had to find the tooling.] It remains Pb’s cane pack canoe seat, and, with legs, has become popular.

You’ll need to decrease the angle of the seat drops to account for the thigh contours, which increase the drop angle.

i just ordered one too
putting it in my rob roy. :slight_smile:

I have yet to hear a negative
evaluation from anyone I know who has installed one. The “standard” cane and web seats from every manufacturer I have seen have a sharp trailing edge on the front crossmember which I find uncomfortable. The contoured front member of Ed’s Bucket seat solves this problem nicely.


I also have one
in my Hemlock Peregrine. I love it. Am thinking about putting one in every canoe I own. I used to use the gel seat cushion but I don’t need it wuth the Ed’s seat.

Thanks for this post.
I’m gonna order one of them for my Merlin. I have made a few cane seats and laced them by hand. I know how much time it took me to build one.

Seat Backs
Does anyone know if the cane or web seat backs will fit this design like they do the regular straight across design?

Call or email Ed’s.
They could tell you.

I installed it today.
Initial dry fitting seems good. The seating area is several inches wider than the original cane seat in the Lady Bug. It does appear that it will be comfortable for both kneeling and sitting.

I’m planning to test it out on the water tomorrow.

I got the ash and it’s a much lighter color than the ash trim in my boat, but the cherry would have been much darker.

It appears to be well made. The cane doesn’t appear to be treated with anything, but it may be.

lucky you
i still haven’t gotten mine. lady at ed’s said it could be tuesday before i see it.

we ordered the same day.

do you live in the northeast?


It’ll darken, over time.
In a few years, you won’t be able to tell the diff. I always was told not to varnish cane because it would interfere with seasonal movement and cause premature embrittlement. I don’t know if that’s true.

I put Ed’s contour seat in my solo boat a couple years ago and I think it’s fine. I actually visited Ed’s last fall to pick up rails. Nice guy, nice place, neat operation.

Big improvement for sitting control
and comfort. Some improvement for kneeling vs the original straight cane seat, but my weight on the back of the legs seems more on the front edge of the frame, rather than on my butt on the cane. I may consider lowering the seat a little in order to get my weight more on my butt on the cane when kneeling, or I may try just lowering the front edge, but I’d need different hangers to lower just the front edge.

I felt much more secure in the seat when sitting and executing leaned turns when compared to the straight seat.

I did feel a little pressure from the bump in the middle of the seat when kneeling, but that wasn’t as much of a problem as the front edge of the seat in in the back of my legs.

I seem to prefer the handling of the Lady Bug better sitting than kneeling (I added a footbrace last week).

So far, I’m pleased with this seat.

Just installed mine today
in my Rob Roy.

Haven’t paddled it yet, though.

Will this week.


At what height did you install it in the
Rob Roy?