Ed's Canoe seats?

I have seen pictures of beautiful countoured tractor seat like cane seats from there.The look really comfortable.Anyone have any experience with them? Will they work angled to kneel with.



– Last Updated: Mar-07-09 9:11 AM EST –

Placid boats committed to a strut-less version of these seats for their pack canoes in 05, After Pam of Ed's Canoe Parts suggested they'd work well if they could find the tooling.

Placid started using those seats with struts in Flash and Wild when we re-acquired the molds, fall 06. Hemlock switched to them when Dave saw them in Placid boats at Raystown 07.

The are very comfortable and keep the paddler centered. If you like to slide your butt from side to side; maybe not your first choice.

Don’t know but…
I’ve bought from them and trust them. Why don’t you call them directly and ask for their expert advice. They don’t make enough on one seat to hurt their good reputation with bad advice.

I like mine
Yes I can kneel.

I would expect you could too Turtle as you are not cursed with size 13’s.

Ed’s seat is the best I have found so far for sitting comfortably.