Ed's Yoke/Cane Center Seat, anyone tried



Do they work for either sitting or kneeling?

I’m considering it for use in solo canoes.

have considered it
I have considered it, but it just looks uncomfortable. I wouldn’t go with it unless I tried it. For sitting it might work, but I could see it hurting while kneeling

Might work for kneeling for people like
me who are large and have wide pelvises. Hard to say in your case because, as I recall, you’re smaller framed. It would depend on how wide you typically spread your knees, and whether you kneel right out on the edge of the seat, or a little more back. How much are you likely to tilt the seat?

I have no idea but usuallly my
detachable yoke and the seat have a gap in between them . My yoke is right at the balance point. Depending on the canoe there is a gap of two to four inches between the seat and the yoke.

I cant for me and my canoes see how this seat would be a good idea. As I like to kneel the majority of the time, the bow would be heavily weighted if the front of the seat were at the center of the boat.

But I am not you.