I ordered a contoured seat and a walnut-stained yoke (bargain bin @ $10) from Ed’s Canoe on Monday. Arrived here in WV today. Contoured seat is a bargain at $35, and the yoke was a steal. If you need wood parts, Ed’s is a great place to find them.


after some research I ended up buying from this website as well. Have not received the goods yet, but selection was the best by far and prices as low as anywhere else I looked or better. I will post again if I find issues with the seats. I bought cherry bucket seats and subsequently read that some folk had trouble with cherry breaking :frowning:

I will second that.
Last year I ordered two contour seats and a thwart. Not only did they have the best price, the service was outstanding and the quality top notch. They actually underpromised and over delivered like in the good old days.


Ah’ Third Dat…
Good folks.