efficient SOT advise

Octane, this Spring

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Production model isn't finished yet but here's the description from the Dealer Workbook.

"Pyranha – “Enter the Octane; at a length of 17’ 6” and a super narrow beam of 20.8” with all the fittings to take an optional performance kayak sailing rig moulded in, the Octane will be a whole heap of fun for those looking to keep up their fitness in the off season, explore the coastal waves or break into the competitive racing scene.

-Hard chine from under the paddler to stern for fine balance of carving ability, stability and surfing speed.
- Deep bucket for ultimate control and ergonomic paddle entry cut aways.
- Minimal 45lb weight (dependent upon spec.) offering performance comparable to a composite ski with the added durability of plastic construction for rough beach landings.
- Paddle leash attachment point.
- Side and end handles
- One way cockpit drain valves
- Large oval rear hatch and 8" forward bulkhead hatch.
- Understern or overstern rudder options.


A 1m sail attached to a

So you didn’t like the Epics?
I think the current V6 and V7 would fit the bill. After putting a hatch in the front the V7 will hold a lot of gear.

Rotomolded Epic V6 ?
A rotomolded polyethylene Epic V6 with a kick up rudder would be an ideal open water/camping boat where there are rocky and shallow shorelines.I cant imagine using a $3000 carbon and glass boat where I kayak camp.

I’ll believe it when I see it (45lb)

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Highly doubt it will be 45lb, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised ;)

Do you have more info on this boat? I can't google much on it...

Edit: googling for octane "kayak" did not produce anything, but searching for octane "surfski" did:


I see some shops list it at 24kg, which is 50+lb, realistically...

Current Designs Ignite
I see the CD Ignite is glass and kevlar. Does the kevlar material flex on impact with a submerged rock? The ignite has less storage volume than the V-6 but might be ok for camping depending on durability.

Heritage did!
Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s Heritage out of New England made some very nice efficient composite SOT touring kayaks. The Shearwater was the most popular and around 17-18ft. I have the Expedition XL which is over 18ft. It has generous storage compartments with spin type hatches for and aft, foot-pedal rudder, perimeter lines and backrest support. It has a unique shape where the waterline is around 26 inches but a capacious overhang body that gives it great secondary stability or “added buoyancy” when leaned hard. They are really hard to find but WORTH it if you can find one in great shape as I did.

That’s all she wrote
45 lb would be a nice surprise. You now know what I do ala Dealer Workbook description.

I’m more than a bit curious about putting a sail on a ski though. The Octame advertises that it comes pre rigged for the P&H sail kit.

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Looking forward to it
It might be a good downriver river racing alternative and surf beater boat.

Probably not the ski for my needs as I seldom go to the ocean beach or race downriver …

But if the seating position and ergonomics are better than my Think Eze, I might consider it as a fitness/rough water ski that I could as a bonus take on the river for attainments if it is maneuverable enough…

The V7 is rotomolded and similar to V6
The V7 is similar to the V6 in stability and speed.

I’d be happy to let you try mine if you ever in central NC.

If the Ignite is like the Kestral…
I had the glass and Kevlar Kestral sit on top and finally sold it. I got tired of repairing the bottom all the time. Glass and Kevlar boats that can take a beating on the rocks will be as heavy than roto molded boats.

front hatch in Epic V7
Is there an option for a front hatch in the V7 or do you mean literally cutting out for a hatch and fashioning a waterproof hatch cover?