efficient SOT advise

Comparing Kaskazi Marlin or Pelican,Stellar S14S,Epic V8 or V7. Currently have the Delta 12.10 (calm conditions cruising speed 4.0 to 4.5 mph)and OC Prowler 13 (my fishing boat)cruising speed of 3.5 to 4.0 mph.I am keeping both boats that are serving me very well.I am ready to add a a much more efficient boat for large lake conditions to keep up with paddling group with 16 to 18 ft boats and be capable of about 6 mph cruising speed. I have no way to paddle any of the above listed boats. I have been researching and am leaning toward the V7 for presumed efficiency and durability (not glass). Needs to be SOT due to desert lakes heat and ease of self rescue if necessary on open water.Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Fast SOT Market

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The Fast SOT market is getting ready to grow. Epic unveiled the V7 in the Spring of 2015. They had great response and sold quickly. Other manufacturers took notice, and are following Epics lead.

THINK Kayaks is working on their own plastic ski/SOT. It will be called, the Nitro. It should be out in early to late spring. Pictures are available on their Facebook site. The kayak will be made by Pyranha kayaks, with THINK name attached.


I have heard , P&H/Pyranha is also working on their own SOT/SKI style kayak, as well. It may be ready for Spring. But, I have not seen any pictures.

EPIC is also working on prototypes, for a V5. It is rumored to be similar to the V6. Shorter and wider than the V7. Rumors I have heard; talking with Epic reps, is the V5 will be ~ 23-24in wide and 15-16ft long. It as still a work in progress.

Might also check out Current Designs new entry.


I’d go Epic V6 before Stellar S14,
It is efficient and will have a higher top end.

I haven’t paddled the others.

Wait to see what becomes avaliable
Thanks for the information greyhawak. I may wait to see what new SOTs come on the market come next spring or summer

Impressive speeds
I see you are paddling a 12 foot boat at 4.5 mph. That is pretty impressive to me who can only manage about 4.2 to 4.3 miles in an hour lately in my V7. I did mange one time to sprint it up to 7 mph but usually can only sprint to about 6.5. I hear talk of others going over 9 mph in them but have not seen it yet in person.

The fastest I’ve ever been in a small group was 5 mph so the group you want to keep up with must be some serious races if they are cruising at 6 mph.

This all shows that it is more about the paddler than the boat.

GPS may be generous
Ya I assumed I was probably capable of cruising at 3.0-3.5 MPH in the Delta 12’10" light touring boat. Maybe the GPS is generous.At any rate I am looking for much greater efficiency and range in a touring SOT. Checking numerous videos and forums about the V7, V6, V8 6 mph can be sustained without an all out effort.I wonder how the current Designs Ignite compares? Eagerly anticipating Epics V5.If it is made with the same material as the V7, can withstand an impact with submerged shoreline rock and if it is under $2000 then it may be my next boat.

V5? Tell me more.

Paddler engine yes, but
sometimes the boat counts more.

Greg Barton paddled the Epic V7 during the Coastal Paddle Relay Around Lower Michigan Surfski Exhibition Race, which was the official end of the relay. A 7.4 mile race on the Detroit River.

Nick Murray of Traverse City, paddling an Epic V10 GT, beat Greg by 30 seconds.

In this case I think the boats played a larger part than the engines.

It has been late spring, since I talked with the Epic rep. Only thing the rep knew for sure then, was the V5 was going to be shorter and wider than the V7. He talked about ~23-24 inch beam and 15-16ft long. He also said, there was talk off a possible kayak fishing platform. Prototypes tend to go in many directions, till they settle on the final product. Will have to wait and see.

6mph in a V8 requires decent effort

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6mph in a boat like the V8 is race pace for a short-ish (under 10 mile) race for well-conditioned amateurs racers. Not a cruising speed. That said, it will cruise well in the 4.5-5.0 range for extended periods.

Cursing speed…
…I like that

I have an impressive cursing speed.

Footwell comfort question
I have narrowed my efficient SOT options to the the Epic V6(and perhaps V5),Current Designs Ignite and the Kaskazi Pelican.These boats appear to be versatile ,stable and efficient SOTs with weekend trip capability. My only concern is the foot wells appear in the online images to be narrow. Do the foot wells compromise comfort or cause cramping? Has anyone regretted purchasing a SOT with surf-ski type foot wells?

My cursing speed is very low :wink:
I try to compensate for the lack of cursing speed by increasing my cruising speed between cursings…

I had one…
In a ruddered boat you you don’t have much reason to move your feet around. The ski cockpit and peddles give you the most efficient powerful paddling position. Your knees will be centered for more power and allow the most torso rotation.

That said…
On some skis people with wider feet have trouble fitting with footwear. Certainly an issue on the older V8 (less/non-issue on the current version). I don’t remember the width on the V6. The Think Eze is also very tight at the feet and even more so elsewhere.

So, if the OP has unusually wide feet or wants to paddle with bulky footwear, at least a sit-in on dry land would be a good idea.

Also, the lack of back support in surfskis might not make them ideal for all-day comfort - it is nice to relax back occasionally, even for expert paddlers…

Dive booties…
I use dive booties, if OP wants to wear Tevas perhaps he’s looking at the wrong style boat.

I once tried a backband on a ski thinking it might stabilize it… it had quite the opposite effect.

Epic released info on the V5 today. 14ft long with 23.6 beam.



Epic V5
Decided to wait until the perfect boat hits the market before “puling the trigger” on my next boat.Considering selling my Delta 12.10 and purchasing the V 5 or Ignite. Still there is no light weight efficient SOT for camping and expeditions on the US market except for Kaskazi boats which are not realistically available in the US .