EFT, Its in the mail

Doug called yesterday, my EFT was put on the trailer Wednesday.


Newberg, OR


Way to Go
One of the most brilliant designs out there. *Just don’t make ANY modifications to it…

Dont<br />Get to excited it will take Steve a month to get it to you. That is if his truck doesnt break down.

I love my EFT and have had a bunch of boats.

I still vote for the Gas Pedal steering just don`t tell

I vote for Patrick’s gas pedal system also-you can easily modify Pat’s footplate to fabricate a K-1 style pullbar also (Easy, Doug. :wink:

If you went for the understern, changing out the pulley wheel from an 80 mm. to a 60 mm. will increase the steering response-makes a noticeable difference in steering response and allows you to adjust the gas pedals forward a bit more so you don’t actuate them when driving with the legs.

If you have the overstern, cut yourself a deeper rudder for bigger water days-that little extra bit does help. Enjoy-that boat is deceptively fast.

EFT, its here
It left West Side Boat Shop, NY, Sept 3, and arrived Newberg, OR, Sept 15 via KAS Boat Transport. Tonight I will adjust the footrest and tomorrow will be the maiden voyage. I will also measure for the ONNO gas pedals and forward that information to Patrick. Meanwhile I will give the tiller steering a go.


Newberg, OR

there should be a
rule here…new stuff doesn’t exist until you post pictures.


Its a great boat, the best one I have ever owned. I don`t think it can be beat as a all round boat.

I think ever one else is just jealous.

I think ever one putting these in with the open class

should be boycotted.

Oh, oh here we go again
But would you take the EFT out on a long ocean crossing where you are liable to hit big time water, rips, etc.

They no more belong in the sea kayak class with a Epic 18 or QCC 700 then a Thunderbolt does.



Stupid question: What’s EFT stand for? What is it?

"Extra Fast Tourer"
Made by Doug up at Westside boat shops.

A great and brilliant guy, but:


I have the elongated 23 feet long two hole stretch version.

Would love to get rid of it. It just isn’t getting used



best boat ever built
I love my kevlar eft with understern. I added small out of way thigh braces and rear bulkhead. You can see me and my eft going up thru rapids if you go to youtube mcadoods

I’d Add
Don’t try to differ with him about ANY modifications. Better yet, don’t even say the word ‘modifications.’ Smile. Aside from this one little caveat, Doug is a veritable wealth of knowledge and stories, and his designs speak for themselves.

I’d agree with Jack that the EFT might not be the boat of choice for an open water crossing. EFT stands for ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing.’ It looks something like a sea kayak when equipped with bulkheads (one), hatch (cursory at best), and bungees (only on the foredeck in a specific pattern a la Doug), but it’s really a thinly disguised racing hull, just a little wider at the beam. As to what class it belongs in, well that’s a hotbed source of argument. What it boils down to is if you own one, then it most closely fits in Touring class. If you own one of the other FSKs, then it belongs with Unlimited boats. Smile again.

Jack, I want that Bullitt, but unfortunately, if I come home with another boat (recent tandem and surf ski acquisitions), I’ll be sleeping in it. With the fishes.

EFT Meaning
The wife says it is an “Embarrassing Feminine Thing.”


EFT, maiden voyage
I took the boat out this morning. Conditions were perfect, flat water and I was the only boat out (45 minutes before sunrise). The tiller steering is certainly effective, but I definitely want the ONNO gas pedals. The boat is tippier than my Chatham 18. but will be easy to adjust to. I chose to use my AT touring paddle instead of my Epic wing. One step at a time. The boat weighed 31 lbs with the floatation bag installed. It has the rear bulkhead and hatch and is his competition layup. It is slippery as snot when wet and I will have to be careful loading the boat after paddling. The incline of the boat ramp is enough for the boat to slip off my rollers.


Newberg, OR

It is a fabulous boat, and fun to paddle
but I, (we ) just have too many boats and it is just not getting used.

When Nanci and I paddle it, it is just like paddling our comp cruiser. We both make beautiful music together, and it is a delight to paddle it with her.

I think in the future we will both go back to racing our QCC’s.



C’mon Dave…

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Everone knows that the best boat ever built is the one you happen to be paddling on a given day.
I just edited my post. I didn't mean you specifically Dave. - Just any of us