EFT, Jet , Razor,Think Fit

In going to a touring class boat at 5’7" and 140#, which of these is the fastest for my size? I currently paddle the X-par Missille. The idea of a shorter, lighter boat is very appealing (17’ 22# Razor), but I want to have the best combination of fit and speed to be competitive in this class.

Keep in mind that many races have been going over to the Sound Rowers’ classification system (if not already). This places the EFT in the HPK class, running against the likes of T-Bolts, Mohicans, and every ski out there. The Jet, Razor, and Fit remain in the FSK class, by virtue of their dimensions. If you’re racing, this is definitely a consideration.

How about the Kayakpro Nemo - you’re right in the middle of the suggested weight range, and it’s a true touring kayak with bulkheads and whatnot.

I agree,
I’ve been considering a Nemo for quite some time. That would put me in the sea kayak class and I’d be fine with that. The 25#-range boats are sure tempting, but the Nemo would be a good fit for me. Used ones are hard to find. Thanks for your reply.

Good info.
Thanks for letting me know about the EFT. I already have an unlimited class WSBS boat, so unless I go to the Marauder, another wouldn’t make sense. Thank you.