EFT, picture

-- Last Updated: Dec-09-08 8:14 PM EST --

I finally got around to posting pictures of my new West Side Boat Shop EFT.


Newberg, OR

nice boat on chairs BUT
an EFT looks better on the water. I remember JohnC98

Coming around the bend in his EFT. Nice boat I know you will enjoy it.


Denver NC

Yes, but if you want that thing to go
fast, you need to get rid of those funny looking paddles and get a wing !



Great looking boat, and an absolutely brilliant design.


Now you can start modifying-talk to Doug; he might have some suggestions. (KIDDING!) :wink:

Did you put in a rear bulkhead?
After reading Dave Mcadoo’s boat stuff, I put in a foam rear bulkhead to help dump the water out of the T-bolt. And on the fit2paddle site I got the idea for a way bigger foot board and a pull bar. That also helped me alot. I did have to change the seat too, but that one I did talk to Doug about and he was good with it, I was shocked too. I didn’t say anything about the other stuff though. If I go to nationals this year and use that boat I’ll have to hide it from him. Ha ha. Enjoy your boat. Chaz

Looks different, don`t tell me Doug has changed something!!

I am impressed
What a nice, clean, spacious garage! My garage aka boathouse looks like that: http://photokayaker.fit2paddle.com/C380391053/E20070609074033/index.html

and, it was even before adding T-bolt.

The winged paddle is in a bag on the wall rack.


In that case; all is well and
may you lead the pack with pride!



I love Doug- nice pics
The eft and t-bolt have made my life a much happier place. Three years in a row he designed, built and raced to a first place in unlimited class at www.blackburnchallenge.com It was back around 1990. Doug is a such a great American.

And he is much more mellow about changes. Two inch aluminum angle makes such a great footboard.(Duct tape the sliding footbrace to establish length.) NSI back band.( I Had to drill small holes in back rim for cables to keep the backband up.) Front and rear bulkheads in the eft. And small out of the way thigh braces…

Did I tell you that Doug is a superb wildwater boat racer? And he went to the worlds in icf marathon. Everyone has a piece of the puzzle. “In everyone something from God we see but in everyone there is some deviltry.” I am so glad that many years ago it was Doug who quit his day job to build the best race boats in the world. Win on the ocean on sat. The next day, use the same boat to win on flatwater. Doug is why we racers do not have to race in plastic tupperware against the dreaded black canoe.