Egg whites for removing microplastics and salt from seawater

I found this interesting in that not just 98 to 99% of microplastics but also salt can be removed from seawater using this material made from egg whites. I thought some of y’all might be interested.


Hopefully they will get it to a point where I’ll be able to have it as a filter membrane for filtering water going into my tanks. Finding clean water is hard enough that I have to filter anyway but filtering to that level would be a big jump up.

The potential for clean water and desalination would be of huge benefit.

Pretty interesting and impressive effectiveness. If it can be scaled up, that might be a very welcome tool for removing microplastics, which have gotten everywhere, even inside our bodies as we sit here. Thanks for sharing.

I would love to see the microplastics come out of the system, but I would prefer a mechanical solution.

There is already a massive bloom of Vibrio happening. Anything that might be food for it is not optimal.