Elaho sport

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I found a used Elaho sport that sounds like it might be a nice upgrade from the manitou14. It's apparently a shorter version of the regular Elaho. Somewhere online I saw it listed as a child's boat, and now I'm wondering if it would work for all 5.2/160 lbs of me after all. Does anyone know a little more about this boat, and what size paddler it would be good for?

should work, but try

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Necky has made the "sport" versions of some of their boats as slightly shorter than standard sea kayaks, so a bit more maneuverable.

The standard Elaho is often a good women's boat. It was what my girlfriend would often rent, before she bought her own boat. So the sport should also work. In comparison to the Manitou, it will be a bit narrower.

But, my advice no matter what boat you are buying, is to try the boat out. At the very least, sit in it before buying. Better yet, get out and paddle it.


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I should be able to sit in the boat, but I don't know if I will have an opportunity to try it on the water.

I found some specs at necky...14.1 ft / 22 inch wide. My manitou is about that length and 24-5 in wide. I've demoed a tempest 165 and an eliza, both which fit very nice and handled nicely in the water. I don't know if the Elaho sport would be similar or not. For the rivers we do, I don't really need a longer boat, but I'd like something where my legs could lock into the boat a little better, and something that turns fairly easily (might be skills thing there). On the other hand...I don't want to sink the poor little boat either :-)

The Elaho sport is very much in the same
class and size as the Eliza. I have the standard Elaho DS and it’s very maneuverable. The sport is a full foot and a bit shorter. I’m sure you’ll find it works for what you need and will probably fit fine.

Composite Eliza is better rough
water boat. Elaho LV, some call it the Tikani, is an OK boat for sure, but the Eliza’s are far more popular. Some found the Elaho LV a bit tippy. The Eliza’s will have better on edge performance, especially the composite.

Thanks everyone
I didn’t get a chance to read all the posts before we took off to check out the new boat. But as it stands we brought the Elaho home with us. I did get a chance to try it out on some water and it’s definitely much more reponsive. Just a little lift of the knee and up on edge immediately. I think if I had been leaning to the side I’d have been in the water. Much tippier than my Manitou (I’m sure I’m gonna have a few swims getting used to it), but also responds quickly back upright. Turns very quick, but the front end wanders more when trying to paddle straight. Give and take. It should work well on some of the tighter rivers we’ve been doing lately.

Love the fit. Snug, but not too tight and I didn’t sink it. Will have to work on my entry/exit skills as this yak is happy to tip one way and the other with the slightest effort. Dh says he plans to have the camera ready. He also tried the Elaho and found it to be a nice responding boat.


Fun little boat. enjoy