elaho vs looksha sport

Hey. Does anyone have experience paddling both the Elaho(rudder version) and a Looksha sport?

I own an elaho and pretty happy with it but i’d like something more manouverable(especially when loaded for an overnighter) and a bit more compact/lightweight. i know there’s only 3 lbs difference between the two boats so thats pretty insignificant. I’ve only seen a looksha sport from far and never got to even sit in one but know of one for sale locally.

Have owned both, and still own the Elaho. In my experience, the Looksha is considerably more maneuverable, both due to it’s shorter length 14.4’, as I recall, vs. 16.4’, and it’s hull desigh and additional rocker. The Looksha has a considerably more voluminous cockpit, and will seat a larger paddler. The Looksha also exhibits greater initial stability.

Having said that, the Elaho is quicker edge to edge, rolls better, and is noticeably faster.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for maneuverability as a primary consideration, get the Looksha.

If you want maneuverability try a pintail,

depending how volume you need in boat. I found

pintail can hold quite a bit if packed right.

LS is more maneuverable
From what I have heard, the Looksha Sport is more maneuverable. I can’t do a direct compare as you asked, as the Elaho’s cockpit is smaller than the LS (which is something to consider), and I don’t fit in it (I am 6’ 200ish lbs). I have a Looksha IV (17’), and a Sport is much more maneuverable than that.

I’ve used many time, and would love to buy one (unfortunately they broke the mold around 2005, so no more are made). If you know of a source for a closeout Looksha Sport, let me know.

You mean a Dragorossi Pintail ?!?
Now, that would be a wave surfing dream! Rotten slow, though…

valley pintail
Never been the dragorossi pinatil , was refering

to valley pintail 17’2"lenght


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Good to hear.
When you say the LS is considerably slower, are you talking about topping out at workout pace or touring speed?
I'm 6'1 and 180 ish and i think the Elaho fits pretty good (actually the Chatham 16 fits PERFECT) except i'd like more foot room.
How much harder is the LS to roll? i think the rear deck is taller but shouldn't be an issue with c-c. I know the elaho is one of the easier rollers out there(seeing as how it never failed to come up even if i stuck my head up first)
Oh and Pintails are nice but i am looking for something shorter and made of plastic, and i think they're for a somewhat more advanced paddler than i am or will be this season.

Looksha port vs. Chatham 16
My girlfriend has a Chatham 16 (which once again, I can’t fit in - cockpit is even tighter than the Elaho). She rented a Looksha Sport once, and I think she though the Chatham 16 was more maneuverable than the Looksha Sport.

Maybe true, but she also wasn’t paddling the Looksha Sport the way it should to make it turn quickly (being comfortable leaning the boat way over).

Chatham 16
is more maneuverable than the Elaho, assuming a good paddler of course. Some lighter women may find the extra chine buoyancy of the 16 harder to load…Eliza composite fits that need. Second the Pintail rec. and would add Skerray roto to that! Romany etc…

Dragorossi Pintail views inside.