I have recently read of a Canadian product called Elastoplast Extreme. It is a water proof bandage. I can not find this on the net , but can find elastoplast tape. Anyone know of a source for the ‘extreme’?


Quick search gives this: http://int.elastoplast.net/products/plasters/extreme/15903.html

Just go to a supermarket/pharmacy and shop for a package that has almost identical picture.

Thanks. i have found it on the net BUT not here in the US. All the sites are in Aus.or the UK. I will try a store here.

It causes Mad Cow disease.

Not in US
Doesn’t appear to be sold in the US. If you go to the bottom of their website, you can look by country. North America shows Canada only.

The only bandages I have been able to find that stick when wet are some for blisters. Take a look at the NEX care website: http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/WW_Nexcare/FirstAidProducts/Products/FirstAid/WoundCare/

If in a spot that gets lots of rubbing or very wet, I would still slap a bit of duct tape on top of the bandage. Of course it won’t be breathable anymore but at least it will stay on if applied when you are dry.



For regular cuts…
Liquid bandage works great. Waterproof, seals the cut.

OK…it burns a bit going on but it beats band-aids.

You forgot to mention…
…that the stuff is basically fingernail polish with antiseptics added and that is smells like model airplane dope for a day or more after application, assuming it doesn’t fall/wear off by then. I’ve used “New Skin” and never found it to work very well.

Just for laughs, I put some on a cut on my index finger that’s been slow to heal. Of course, in the process of opening the sticky cap on the tiny bottle, I reopened the wound and…well…you get the picture. Hopefully, my finger won’t stick to the keyboard. :wink: